Are Celebrities Using Social Media To connect With Customers or Promote Products?


By: Customer’s Poet

It’s hump day Wednesday!

I mean that literally for Nicki Minaj who has “Make Love VEVO” trending before it was even formally released after humping a blow up, floatie unicorn while, oh course, dissing Remy Ma non-directly. But we’re not going there. Anyways.

While most of us are working away at work, Twitter has been going crazy over many things. The Brexit Article 50, severe weather in Oklahoma and Texas, and the ciaos at the capital including an aggressive female driver fleeing cops while hitting a cop car. Yet, since we’re talking about celebs, we could not help but notice the Blac Chyna drama on Snap Chat. Or should we say the Kardashing — definition the Kardashian way of using your family drama to promote your business — of former lover and father of child Tyga for not paying child support which caused a hot social media fire storm.

After reviewing Chyna’s Snap Chat post, which led fans to believe it was the address of her ex, we decided to do a little more research. Here’s what we found.

As expected, it was not the address of her former love Tyga, but rather the address of her business Lashed.

Blac Chyna is not the only one using her personal drama for self promotion. Mother in Law, Kris Jenner has made a brand name off of the backs of her daughters. Hence the term Kardashing. But, there are plenty more who do the same.

Even Chyna’s acquaintance Nicki Minaj got into the act when she released her long awaited response to Remy Ma’s Shether diss track.

But the queen of cashing in on family/ personal drama is Beyonce. Unlike her peers, the Queen B drops hints of social media but puts the back story in her music.

Now, I am not sure about you but are celebrities using (or should I say misusing) our obsession with them to promote their products or productions?

Let us know what you think.

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Nail Salon Charges Overweight Customers More for Pedicure

By: Customer’s Poet

Guess this Southern nail salon does not like all customers.

When Deshania Ferguson went to get her nails done at Rose Nails in the Frayser Plaza Shopping Center of Memphis, TN, she never knew she would have encountered since a rude sign. Posted in clear view was a handwritten sign, allegedly posted by owners which read “Sorry but if you are overweight, pedicures will be $45 due to service fees for pedicurists.”

In shock, Ferguson decided to share the sign via Facebook.

According to WREG News Memphis, the owner, Son Nguyen claimed the sign was never up. After being questioned by the reporter, he did not post the sign but considered putting a sign up. What a coincidence?

He also stated he simply refuses service to extremely overweight customers as they have caused damage to his pedicure chairs. Costing him $2,000–2,500 to replace.

Our question to Son Nguyen, what do you consider as extremely overweight in terms of pounds?

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Blind Woman & Service Dog Kicked Off American Airlines Flight, Crew Calls Her a Danger to the Flight

Blind Woman & Service Dog Kicked Off American Airlines Flight.png

By: Customer’s Poet

As if American Airlines needed anymore unhappy customer reviews. Here’s the story of their former customer named Sue Martin.

According to Action News Jax, Sue Martin and her service dog Quan of Franklin, Maine, were traveling to San Diego earlier this month when they tried to take a connecting flight with her husband from Washington, D.C., to Dallas.

After noticing there was no room for her dog near her seat, Sue to switch seats or upgrade to first-class but was denied by American Airlines reps. Fortunately for Martin a first class passenger willing gave up their seat to her and Quan. Little did she know, this would cause problems.

“The man said, ‘You have to leave the plane,'” Martin told WLBZ. “I asked him why and he said the crew had decided I was a danger to the flight. I’ve never had anything happen like this before.”

Sadly, Martin and service dog Quan left the flight. American Airlines claimed its investigating the matter.

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Customer Throws Under Seasoned Fries at Zaxby’s Worker

Customer Throws Under Seasoned Fries at Zaxby Workers2.png

By: Customer’s Poet

The things people do when they’re hungry and upset.

An angry customer at a Zaxby’s in Jonesboro, GA threw under seasoned fries at a Zaxby worker. Then punched the monitor right before she left the restaurant.

According to Action JAX News, surveillance video shows her leaving with the takeout order, then coming back with a man within 30 seconds to complain about the order. Police are searching for the couple.

Click here to watch video.


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Customer Claims Asians and Customer Service Don’t Mix

Customer Claims Asians and Customer Service Don_t Mix

By: Customer’s Poet

If you type in the words “Asians” and “customer service” in Google, you’ll be prompted with the additional words “rude” and “bad service”.

As Americans, we can all agree that not every nation has or meets our expectations when it comes to delivering great customer service (honest side note: sometimes we ourselves fail to meet our own expectations). In turn the people who come to America for better opportunities take their beliefs of what proper customer service is with them.

Considering the events that unfolded at Missha Beauty Store in Charlotte NC as owner Sing Ho Lim placed an African American women in a choke hold for allegedly stealing eye lashes, I wanted to dig deeper into this discussion of Asians and customer service.

Almost a year to date, Secret Eyes received a complaint from an African American woman (a customer) regarding her experience with store owners of a beauty store near her. While her experience was more favorable than what occurred in Charlotte, her issue was the owner’s persistence to push the sale of a wig. Even after she made multiple attempts at stating she did not want it. She claimed they attempted to run her credit card for the total of the wig and was angry when she decided to leave the store. In her words “Asians and customer service just don’t mix”. Unfortunately, that store lost yet another customer.

But this is not the first time Asians and customer service, especially involving African Americans, have been the topic of discussed or bud of a joke. Consider the Wayans Brothers’ parody movie Don’t Be A Menace when the Asian store clerks popped up in every corner stating to the two men “Hurry up and buy”.

While the majority of this article focuses on African American customers and their experiences dealing with Asian store clerks, they’re not the only ones talking about the less than great customer service they have received. Case and point. In the article entitled Why do some Chinese restaurants have horrible customer service? Writer Jim Gordon describes his experiences with multiple Chinese restaurants across the US. Some of his top issues included:

– no greeting at the door

– not asking for refills

– not offering sufficient plates

– having to ask for napkins

– not asking how our meal tastes

– making the customer go to the cashier to pay the bill

Going back to the Missha Beauty Store fiasco, in all fairness to owner Sing Ho Lim he publicly apologized and took accountability for his actions. Yet was it enough?

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Asian Owner of Missha Beauty Chokes & Kicks African American Customer


By: Customer’s Poet

While the owner claims the customer stole from him, the situation should have never gone that far.

While shopping in Missha Beauty, an African America customer was accused by the Asian owner, Sung Ho Lim, of stealing eye lashes (an item which cost less than $1 wholesale). After confronting the customer, the video shows her yelling at Lim “Check my bag. I don’t have anything.”. Yet, before she could make it out of the door, Lim attacked.

Kicking the woman then pushing her down to the floor before putting her in a choke hold. The video also shows his wife helping out then later telling him to stop.

As a woman of color this video was hard to watch, especially considering we covered a similar (but not as violent) case in Georgia where the owner of a beauty store pushed a customer to purchase hair extensions.

Although the store owner Sung Ho Lim apologized, something must be done to help improve the relation between Asian store owners and the traditionally African American customer base they service.

If you have not seen the video click here:


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Subway Denies US Customers of Free Sub Promo

By: Customer’s Poet

As we all know yesterday was Valentine’s Day.

It’s one of the single most profitable days for retailers as customers run in to dish out money on gifts for their honey buns. Considering the impulsive shopping habits of customers when it comes to matters of the heart, the National Retail Federation estimated that consumers would spend $3.8 billion on this day alone.

With so much money to be made many restaurants including Subway, Fogo de Chao, and a host of others have issued promotions to get their share of the Valentine’s Day pie. Yet, to my surprise, all deals weren’t offered in the US.

After hearing of the free 6” Subway sub promo from a co-worker on yesterday, I sent out a blast text informing everyone I knew. But, after visiting the restaurant to redeem the offer, I was told “that’s not true” and “someone had made it up” by a Subway worker. Made it up? I thought. Who in their right mind would make up such a claim? No one has time for those kind of games.

Taking time out to calm myself, I Googled and saw that the Subway offer was only available in the UK. So was other offers I previously heard throughout the day. Yet, I was not the only customer who was hot over the issue. There were many others.

My question: Does it make sense for globally recognized brands to offer promos in one country and not another? Especially when it is a globally recognized holiday?

You tell me.

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