White Woman Threatens to Kill Black Family at Fast Food Restaurant Yelling “Get Out of My Country”, Workers Step In

By: Customer’s Poet

While we are not sure where this occurred or why it happened, it is clear footage of an unidentified woman lingering outside of a fast food restaurant’s door. From the footage, it appears she was staring at the Black family as they casually ate a meal with their infant child.

After thoroughly analyzing the footage, our theory is that this woman could have been a previous problem starter for this restaurant or that what was recorded was the aftermath of something that occurred between the irate woman and the family. Either way we commend the workers for stepping in and acting as a barrier between the family and the irate customer.

Considering we don’t promote violence or hatred we won’t share what exactly was said. Yet, if you want to know, click here to watch.

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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Dear Angry Customer, Don’t be like The Game.


By: Customer’s Poet

Not sure what’s going on in the music industry this week but the media has been stewing over with Hip Hop beefs.

Just this week Kid Cudi shared his feelings towards Kanye West and Drake. Now, The Game is going after Meek Mill full force.

According to TMZ.com, while in Miami Beach someone in a Mustang convertible fired multiple shots into a white Mercedes-Benz G associated with The Game.

[See The Game’s response]

While this kind of behavior may work for the entertainment industry, when it comes to customer service, going from 0 to 100 real quick via an online rant may not be in your best interest as a customer. Considering the SLAPP Laws try this instead.

Just Breathe

Take the time to breathe and relax before taking to the web to vent as you don’t want to post something that you may later regret.

Change your body motions

According to life coach, entrepreneur Tony Robbins we do behaviors. Consciously think about the way you move your body (your physiology) and change it. Instead of sulking over a bad customer service experience then taking to the net to vent, go straight to the source. Write and email a letter to the company directly. We prefer targeting the CEO or the top dog for more immediate changes.

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

Ever been wronged by big companies and left to feel small.  Well you’re not alone!

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Bad Customers & Bad Customer Service Should NOT be Tolerated

Bad Customers & Bad Customer Service Should NOT be Tolerated

By: Customers Poet

Originated: April 30, 2016

This week there were no shortages when it came to bad customers and poor customer service.

The week started with off Kid Rock’s emotionally driven wail at an incompetent 911 call operator. According to the recording, the operator continuously asked Kid Rock for facts regarding the emergency call, instead of rapidly sending an ambulance. Such actions drove Kid Rock into an emotional, verbal dispute forcing him to pass the phone to a friend who could get better results. Sadly, his beloved assistant died from the impact of his injuries on Kid Rock’s property.

Another story regarding the LGBT community and poor customer service came from New Orleans this week. A lesbian woman claimed a Family Dollar employee refused to offer her service because she was gay. The woman recorded video footage of the dispute which occurred between her and the rep. Yet, according to the rep, the woman was argumentative with her from the start and only recorded part of the argument. Is this a case of a bad customer or bad customer service?

However, there was one story that took the cake.

At a Peoria, Arizona Del Taco franchise a manager was caught on film sharing some choice words with customers. According to the customers, they did not receive their complete order nor did they receive sauce with their food. When they inquired about it, the manager (bothered by the thought of providing proper customer service) went into a verbal altercation with the customers.

During the recorded argument the manager stated “Where are you going to post it? You Tube? No one is going to f–king see it.” “I am the boss. My dad is actually a f–king owner, so good luck with that.” He then went into deals as to why he hates customers. We’re sure he is eating those very same words as the video has gone viral and he was fired.

This week’s stories involved bad customers and bad customer service. Secret Eyes wants to know:

When will companies learn that customers are fed up with poor customer service and incompetent customer service reps?

When will customers learn to treat customer service workers with respect as human beings?

It’s time for a change.

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Kid Rock
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