Secret Eyes Mystery Shops: Internal Revenue Service

By: Customer’s Poet

Ahhhhhh. The dreaded IRS call.

I am referring to the call dreaded by millions of Americans when they have to call the IRS for any (and I mean any) tax issue.

No one wants to travel through their maze of call prompts before getting to the proper IRS agent. Let alone wait upwards of an hour or more (during peak season) for help. Staying on topic, I too have found myself ringing the IRS multiple times between February through May.

After filling my return at the end of January, I received a letter a few days later requiring that I verify my identity to receive my 2016 tax return. Which I did. After verifying my identity, the agent stated it would be estimated 9 weeks before my return would be issued. I am sure you could imagine my frustration. Yet, 9 weeks came and went. No refund.

After calling the IRS multiple times, speaking to many agents (even having the one hang up on me without offering help), and receiving many different answers; there was still no refund. Only estimated dates of when it would be released. Again, those dates came and went. Unfortunately for me, the agent I spoke to in February misfiled my return as an identity theft issue instead of putting it in processing.

What have I learned from all of this that I can share with you?

Always ALWAYS write down agent names, id numbers, and the date

I know, I know. I am the customer service person. Yet, in my hast to get in the call que and multiple task, I admit. I have failed multiple times at writing down the agent’s name. Sadly, many of them could care less if you get their name and agent id numbers as they state them at the speed of light. Yet, it’s vital that you record this information. It could later build your case. Not to mention, it allowed me to report that rude agent who hung up the phone in my face without even getting my information to check my files.

Call and call some more

Using some of my customer service sense, I found myself calling the IRS multiple because I wanted to double what was told to me not just accept it as fact. Yet doing so got me many different answers. Which lead to me finding out the real truth about my refund: the agent made a mistake. One which cost me in the long run.

Not all IRS Agents are assholes

Piggy backing off of making multiple calls, I spoke to many different IRS agents. Some were complete assholes I will admit. While others seem to genuinely care and did I thorough investigation on my behalf. Which I utterly appreciated.

In the end, my refund check which was promised by late February has still not arrived. In my quest to get answers, I remained cool and was able to get the help I deserved.

Should you experience a similar tax issue, contact the IRS Tax Advocate office in your state by visiting

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.