White Woman Threatens to Kill Black Family at Fast Food Restaurant Yelling “Get Out of My Country”, Workers Step In

By: Customer’s Poet

While we are not sure where this occurred or why it happened, it is clear footage of an unidentified woman lingering outside of a fast food restaurant’s door. From the footage, it appears she was staring at the Black family as they casually ate a meal with their infant child.

After thoroughly analyzing the footage, our theory is that this woman could have been a previous problem starter for this restaurant or that what was recorded was the aftermath of something that occurred between the irate woman and the family. Either way we commend the workers for stepping in and acting as a barrier between the family and the irate customer.

Considering we don’t promote violence or hatred we won’t share what exactly was said. Yet, if you want to know, click here to watch.

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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Customers Leave Uber in Droves After Muslim Ban

By: Customer’s Poet

Cause and effect.

From the looks of things, President Trump is doing exactly what he said he’ll do. He is planning to build a wall along the US/ Mexico border and he has executed a Muslim Ban (which he believes will make America safer). Yet, in his mad dash to get things done, his lack of experience has showed up in many ways than one. Especially when it comes to the international affairs.

While the Muslim Ban was labeled as Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States, according to the New York Times it’s “cowardly and dangerous”. Not only has the ban effected Muslims and been deemed as illegal, but it caused a chain reaction of disturbances in the world of business as well. Disturbances, we believe, President Trump may have overlooked.

According to the Business Insider, thousands of Uber customers are deleting the app and after drivers continued doing business with JFK airport despite the taxi strike announced by the NY Taxi Workers Alliance. Which called for all drivers to avoid doing business with the airport between 6–7pm to protest against President Donald Trump’s executive order. Many customers are urging for others to fully deactivate their Uber accounts which require contact with (yes) their digital, online only, no telephone number customer service. Considering Uber’s alleged support for the president’s new laws, many customers have switched to Lyft which publicly claimed to be against the Muslim Ban.

But it’s not just Uber, according to Nextweb.com, AirBnB has stepped in to offer free housing to those stranded due to the passing of the Muslim Ban.

Even with many upset and at odds over his executive order, President Trump continues to be on the defensive. According to NBC News, the president stated the Obama administration previously identified the same seven countries banned in his Muslin Ban “as sources of terror”. A misleading statement as the designated seven nations were deemed dangerous for American citizens to visit, not designated as a source of immigrant-related terrorism.

Although President Trump’s intentions may be good, his actions have led to nothing more than protest.

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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Victoria’s Secret Kicks Two Woman Out of Store for Being Black


By: Customer’s Poet

Kimberly Houzah of Alabama never saw his coming.


While shopping at the Victoria’s Secret store at the Quintard Mall in Oxford, Alabama, Houzah and another unidentified woman were asked to leave the store for no apparent reason. According to Houzah’s recorded footage, Manager Faith Batchelor can be heard stating multiple times “I just need y’all to go” to her and the other female customer without reason. Yet, Houzah learned the real reason why.

“There was another Black female in here got caught stealing. . . so she asks me and another Black female to leave. . . she can’t tell us why but we kicked out the store.”

victoria-secret-kicks-two-woman-out-of-store-for-being-black2The situation hit Houzah and the other customer hard as mall security took the side of the manager stating “Mam, I am going to ask you to leave”.

“She did not check my bag. She did not accuse me of stealing but because I am Black and another Black person happened to get caught stealing, we got to be affiliated.”

Unknowing to Batchelor and mall security, Houzah was a loyal customer and Victoria’s Secret card holder. In the process of walking to her car, Houzah became emotional and vowed to “never, ever step a foot back in that store”.

In efforts of raising awareness regarding Houzah’s experience, a petition has been created. To support the petition click here.

Racial profiling is a very serious issue. If a company has made an error they should apologize and compensate you. For more help contact stopracialprofiling.net.


According to CNN, Victoria’s Secret has apologized to a woman who posted a widely viewed video on Facebook saying she was kicked out of an Alabama store because she is black. The article went on to state Victoria’s Secret “said the employee is no longer with the company”.

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Chilli’s Manager Wrongly Forces Disabled Veteran to Prove He Is a Vet After Customer Claims He Is Not


By: Customer’s Poet

Veterans Day.

A day in which all of America comes together to honor those who risk their lives for the betterment of ours. Without their daily sacrifices the quote “the land of the free…the home of the brave” would not exist in our country’s National Anthem. Yet, this day of honor did not go as planned for one vet.

On Veterans Day, November 11, 2016, Ernest Walker, a disabled veteran who uses a service dog, went to the Cedar Hill, TX Chili’s Restaurant on 376 N Hwy 67 to redeem the free meal for veterans offer. After sitting down and ordering his meal, a customer wearing a Trump shirt approached Walker asking him “Where did you serve?” referring to the military branch he served. Walker, who proudly served the 25th Infantry Division Tropic Lightening in the US Army, took the time to explain which branch he served.

“I was approached by an old white guy, maybe in his 70s, with a Trump Shirt, at Chili’s on Veteran’s Day yesterday. He asked if I was in the 24th unit, and I said “no the 25th?”

Doubting Walker’s claim of being a vet, the customer went to the restaurant manager to tell him Walker was not a vet and should not be served a free meal.

“Then the Manager, MR. Wesley Patrick, comes from the same area in the back, walked up, and rudly informs me that a guest said that I was not a real soldier because I had my hat on indoors. Other guests heard him.”

After arriving at Walker’s table, the manager Wesley Patrick asks Walker to show his military ID to prove he is a vet. Which he does. Then the manager asks for Walker’s information on his service dog. Which he again provides.

“He asked for my military ID, I was calm, and provided it to him. I also provided him with my DD214 which is my discharge paperwork. At that point he should have just said “I am sorry Sir, thank you for your service’ Instead he followed up with “the guest also said your dog is not a service dog.”

Click Here to Watch

Yet after proving his military status and having documentation on his service dog, the restaurant manager tells Walker he to leave. Instead of leaving, Walker decides to film the incident.

“Barack had his Red Service Vest on, and his Certified Service Tags. I was sitting for 35 minutes prior with Barack beforehand. At this point I was grossly offended embarrassed dehumanized and started Recording…Mr. Wesley snatched my food away”

While filming, Walker states he showed the manager his military id and documents on his service dog. The manager became infuriated and continued to ask Walker to leave. Even snatching his free meal from his hands.

According to another source Pastor Marcus King, the restaurant manager did not apologize nor did Chili’s. Pastor King stated Chili’s made claims of firing the manager on Monday, November 14th. Yet as of Saturday, November 12, 2016 the manager is still employed there.


Click Here to Watch

UPDATED November 14, 2016

According to NBCDFW News, Chili’s has apologized to Walker via his Facebook page:

“We are aware of the situation that occurred at our Chili’s Cedar Hill restaurant on November 11th. Our goal is to make every guest feel special and unfortunately we fell short on a day where we serve more than 180,000 free meals as a small token to honor our Veterans and active military for their service, hence these actions do not reflect the beliefs of our brand. We are taking this very seriously and the leaders in our company are actively involved with the goal of making it right. Since the incident occurred, we have extended an apology and we are reaching out to the guest.”

UPDATED November 15, 2016

According to Dallas News, has removed restaurant manager Wesley Patrick. Chili’s president Kelli Valade said in a prepared statement that the restaurant immediately removed the manager.

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As always be smart, be savvy, and equip. Love Secret Eyes Everywhere?

Learn more about us visit www.secreteyeseverywhere.com.

Computer Glitch or Blatant Lie: Movie claims Birth of a Nation is Sold Out When It’s Not


By: Customer’s Poet

On Tuesday, October 25, 2016, Devon Walls of Delaware decided to visit the Brandywine Town Center Regal Cinemas to see Birth of a Nation — The Nat Turner Story. After stating he wanted tickets to the 9:30pm showing of the movie, Regal employees stated that the movie was sold out. Thinking it was odd for it to be sold out on a Tuesday evening, Walls decided to see for himself if the movie was indeed sold out. To his surprise it was not.

“So, I go into Birth of Nation’s theater and there was only 3 people sitting in there. All of the people that was in there said that they told them the show was sold out. Which it was not. It was a lie.”

After witnessing it was not sold out, Walls went to the ticket booth to express his concern.

“I came here for 9:30 to see Birth of a Nation and they said that it was sold out. I went into the theater. It was only 4 seats sold for it. What’s happening with that? Why is that happening?”

The rep replied, “Uhhh. I’m not sure. I don’t know. On my screen it says it, so I say it.” However, she went to get a manager. After letting the manager know that he and 6 others came to see the movie, only to be told it sold out; Walls asked the manager “why are they saying that the film is sold out and it’s not sold out?” The manager claims they dropped the show then added the show at 9:30pm.

In the end, no employee at the movie seemed to know what was happening or going on with the showing of the movie. In the words of Devon Walls “I can’t believe it”. Do you believe it?

Was this a computer glitch or blatant lie? You tell us.


As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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Good Cops Do Exist


By: Customer’s Poet

Finally a good cop steps up.

After witnessing an entertaining yet historical presidential debate the night before, this story of goodwill gives me hope in mankind.

As most Americans were sleeping peaceful, Mark E. Ross received a devastating call that shuck him to his core. “ At 3am I got a phone call stating that my sister had been killed in a car accident due to some young dumb punk! I haven’t slept and instantly got on the road.”

Considering he had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant, Ross convinced a friend of his to drive there. However, his friend had a suspended license and they took the risk of speeding to get him back to his family in Detroit.

While in route the men were pulled over in Ohio and things weren’t looking too good. “We got pulled over in Ohio…I knew I was going to jail.” Yet, unknowing to Ross, being pulled over was actually a blessing in disguise.

Ross says he experienced an emotional break down and explained to the officer, Sgt. David Robison, that his sister had died. He explained that he needed to get to his mother. “I broke down crying and he saw the sincerity in my cry, he reaches over and began praying over me and my family.”

But that wasn’t all.

Sgt. David Robison did the unthinkable and decided to drive Ross another 100 miles to Detroit to be with his family because the vehicle had been towed. A pure act of kindness which changed the way Ross viewed police.“Everybody knows how much I dislike cops, but I am truly grateful for this guy. He gave me hope,”.

In honor of Sgt. David Robison’s stellar customer service and in efforts of aiding Mark Ross’ grieving family, Secret Eyes created Limited Edition Good Cops Do Exist shirts as our way of giving back. For every shirt purchased a fifty percent of all proceeds will go towards the burial of Eliza Fletcher.


Thank you Sgt. David Robison for restoring Hope in mankind. This one is for all the Good Cops who justly uphold the law and truly care for people.

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

Ever been wronged by big companies and left to feel small. Well you’re not alone!

Join Secret Eyes for #AllCustomersMatter Campaign Day. A day long campaign to bringing global awareness to the growing issue of unethical company practices and poor customer service.

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Together we will change customer service one company and customer at a time.

Racial Profiling while Shopping: Here’s What You Should Do.


In the midst of high-profile cases which involve police shooting unarmed black men, the nation is embroiled in a heated debate over the racial profiling of American law enforcement.

Aside from these breaking news cases, a Gallup poll suggests that African-Americans are 10 times more likely to feel discrimination at a store than when going to a restaurant, or dealing with police during a traffic incident.

Understanding that retailers have the power to stop and detain people in their stores, criminal justice experts, some retail executives, and consumers are calling for greater scrutiny of the private justice system of the nation’s brick-and-mortar stores when it comes to people of color. With the strong parallel between racial profiling in retail settings and the national discussion over police use of force against minorities, it’s no wonder why online sales keep growing, while brick-and-mortar stores continue to die. In several recent consumer lawsuits, major brands including CVS, Apple, and Best Buy have come under fire for allegedly targeting minority shoppers as shoplifters because of their race.

Yet, when it comes to demographics, the buying power among people of color is steadily increasing. According to a Nielsen Company report, non-white consumers are deemed the “growth engine of the future.” The group accounted for some 92 percent of U.S. population growth from 2000 to 2014. Between 1990 and 2014 their buying power skyrocketed 415 percent, from $661 billion to $3.4 trillion. For African-Americans, Nielsen found, household income grew faster than households of non-Hispanic whites in every income bracket above $60,000 from 2005 to 2013. The difference was especially pronounced at the $200,000-level, where black households increased by 138 percent compared to a 74 percent increase for whites. Black buying power alone is expected to reach $1.4 trillion by 2019.

Should you or someone you know become arrested and/or detained due to racial profiling while shopping, don’t remain silent. Here are steps on what you should do:

Do Not Run

Running confirms the security officer’s acquisition that you may have stolen something. It also gives them the power to use reasonable force to restrain you. Instead do the following:

Demand to speak to someone in authority

Recount the facts as clearly as you possibly can

Demand to bring along a third party – a lawyer is ideal but a friend or relative is better than no one

Take a note of times, names and contact details

Refuse to be bullied – be polite but assertive

Demand sight of any CCTV footage as soon as possible

After being released, do the following:

Record your version of the facts in a letter as soon as possible to a senior level exe at that organization

Create a paper trail to gather your thoughts and record of the facts of your case

Being arrested and/or detained due to racial profiling is a very serious issue.  If a company has made an error they should apologize and compensate you.  For more help contact stopracialprofiling.net.

As always be smart, be savvy, and be well equip.


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