Customer Energy: When it comes to complaining for results, what kind of customer are you?

By: Customer’s Poet

I know. I know.

We have all experienced some form of customer service where things went south quickly. Boo Hoo. It’s just a part of life. Things don’t always go as plan.

After considering the story of a customer calling another customer a slut for kissing her boyfriend in public, I wanted to take the time to ask What kind of customer are you when it comes to complaining?

Taking guidance from The Complaining Cow herself, Helen Dewdney, read the profile to learn which customer complainer you truly are.

Serial Complainer AKA Persistent Complainer

You complain continually to the same company. Your complaints are frequently correctly but you keep complaining. You spend a lot of time complaining by sending emails, calling the company in question, sending letters, etc. and never give up.

Extreme Complainer AKA Unsatisfied Complainer

Some may consider you a serial complainer. You complain when the time you spent complaining doesn’t match the solution offered by the company. You’re un-satisified and want more. Sometimes, your complaining efforts do match what the company gave you to resolve the issue but you continue complaining. I call this the person who just doesn’t let things go.

Dishonest Complainer

You make up stories or do things to make your stories real to receive freebies. For example, we had a customer complaining about a makeup kit she never received. Bashing the company’s name via social media. When it turned out she never purchased a makeup kit in the first place. Talk about dishonesty.

Opportunist Complainer

Like the dishonest complainer, you seek opportunities to complain in order to gain something not entitled to you. Often keeping on customer service until you are paid to go away.

Rude Complainer

You complain by attacking everyone. You swear, shout, write abusive letters or emails to customer service and members of top management in order to get your way. Usually your abusive strategy leaves your complaints going unresolved. Making you more abusive.

Amusing Complainer

Not being prone to use anger like the abusive complainer, you use humor to get your point across. Which usually gets you noticed and closer to having your complaint resolved. But, sometimes it can cause your complain to not be taken seriously.

Innovative Complainer

You look for creative ways to get to the top dog of the company in efforts of getting your complain resolved quickly.

Regardless of your complaining style, you must make sure that your complaining efforts don’t go overlooked. Ensure you’re an effective complainer (Know their rights. Assert them politely. Will not be passed off when company tries to pass the blame) and not an ineffective complainer (Tends to vent their complaints but never follow through. Post on social media and that’s about it. Not assertive and don’t know legal rights. Often gets passed off as not serious).

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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