Dragged Off Flight Due to Overbooking? Here’s What You Should Know.

By: Customer’s Poet

While United CEO Oscar Muñoz may have issued a public apology, the damage has already been done as the company’s stock is down by as much as 6% in premarket trading. Unfortunately for them, bad news travels fast.

Understanding all the trouble United has gotten itself into over customer service, even after reading that is not usually known for putting customers off of planes, here’s what you should know if an airline asks you to voluntarily give up your seat on an overbooked flight.

According to Popular Mechanics, airlines do have the power to remove a traveler from a plane, for any reason they deem necessary. When you purchase an airline ticket, you are entering into a contract, known as a “contract of carriage.” Few consumers exercise their right to get a copy of the lengthy document, much less read it, but they might reconsider that after this week’s United fiasco.

If you did not know your rights as an airline customer in the US, here are a few in regards to overbooking according to the US Department of Transportation:

Overbooking is not illegal. Most airlines overbook their scheduled flights to a certain extent in order to compensate for “no-shows.” Passengers are sometimes left behind or “bumped” as a result. When an oversale occurs, the Department of Transportation (DOT) requires airlines to ask people who aren’t in a hurry to give up their seats voluntarily, in exchange for compensation. Those passengers bumped against their will are, with a few exceptions, entitled to compensation.

Voluntary Bumping

DOT rules require airlines to seek out people who are willing to give up their seats for compensation before bumping anyone involuntarily. Here’s how this works. At the check-in or boarding area, airline employees will look for volunteers when it appears that the flight has been oversold. If you’re not in a rush to arrive at your next destination, you can give your reservation back to the airline in exchange for compensation and a later flight. But before you do this, you may want to get answers to these important questions:

• When is the next flight on which the airline can confirm your seat? The alternate flight may be just as acceptable to you. On the other hand, if the airline offers to put you on standby on another flight that’s full, you could be stranded.

• Will the airline provide other amenities such as free meals, a hotel room, transfers between the hotel and the airport, and a phone card? If not, you might have to spend the money it offers you on food or lodging while you wait for the next flight.

DOT has not mandated the form or amount of compensation that airlines offer to volunteers. DOT does, however, require airlines to advise any volunteer whether he or she might be involuntarily bumped and, if that were to occur, the amount of compensation that would be due. Carriers can negotiate with their passengers for mutually acceptable compensation. Airlines generally offer a free trip or other transportation benefits to prospective volunteers. If the airline offers you a free ticket or a transportation voucher in a certain dollar amount, ask about restrictions. How long is the ticket or voucher good for? Is it “blacked out” during holiday periods when you might want to use it? Can it be used for international flights?

Involuntary Bumping

DOT requires each airline to give all passengers who are bumped involuntarily a written statement describing their rights and explaining how the carrier decides who gets on an oversold flight and who doesn’t. Those travelers who don’t get to fly are frequently entitled to denied boarding compensation in the form of a check or cash. The amount depends on the price of their ticket and the length of the delay. Here are the rules:

• If you are bumped involuntarily and the airline arranges substitute transportation that is scheduled to get you to your final destination (including later connections) within one hour of your original scheduled arrival time, there is no compensation.

• If the airline arranges substitute transportation that is scheduled to arrive at your destination between one and two hours after your original arrival time (between one and four hours on international flights), the airline must pay you an amount equal to 200% of your one-way fare to your final destination that day, with a $675 maximum.

• If the substitute transportation is scheduled to get you to your destination more than two hours later (four hours internationally), or if the airline does not make any substitute travel arrangements for you, the compensation doubles (400% of your one-way fare, $1350 maximum).

• If your ticket does not show a fare (for example, a frequent-flyer award ticket or a ticket issued by a consolidator), your denied boarding compensation is based on the lowest cash, check or credit card payment charged for a ticket in the same class of service (e.g., coach, first class) on that flight.

You always get to keep your original ticket and use it on another flight. If you choose to make your own arrangements, you can request an “involuntary refund” for the ticket for the flight you were bumped from. The denied boarding compensation is essentially a payment for your inconvenience.

If you paid for optional services on your original flight (e.g., seat selection, checked baggage) and you did not receive those services on your substitute flight or were required to pay a second time, the airline that bumped you must refund those payments to you.

As we all know, when it comes to rules, there are a few conditions and exceptions. Please visit the US Department of Transportation for more details.

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Blind Woman & Service Dog Kicked Off American Airlines Flight, Crew Calls Her a Danger to the Flight

Blind Woman & Service Dog Kicked Off American Airlines Flight.png

By: Customer’s Poet

As if American Airlines needed anymore unhappy customer reviews. Here’s the story of their former customer named Sue Martin.

According to Action News Jax, Sue Martin and her service dog Quan of Franklin, Maine, were traveling to San Diego earlier this month when they tried to take a connecting flight with her husband from Washington, D.C., to Dallas.

After noticing there was no room for her dog near her seat, Sue to switch seats or upgrade to first-class but was denied by American Airlines reps. Fortunately for Martin a first class passenger willing gave up their seat to her and Quan. Little did she know, this would cause problems.

“The man said, ‘You have to leave the plane,'” Martin told WLBZ. “I asked him why and he said the crew had decided I was a danger to the flight. I’ve never had anything happen like this before.”

Sadly, Martin and service dog Quan left the flight. American Airlines claimed its investigating the matter.

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Customer Throws Under Seasoned Fries at Zaxby’s Worker

Customer Throws Under Seasoned Fries at Zaxby Workers2.png

By: Customer’s Poet

The things people do when they’re hungry and upset.

An angry customer at a Zaxby’s in Jonesboro, GA threw under seasoned fries at a Zaxby worker. Then punched the monitor right before she left the restaurant.

According to Action JAX News, surveillance video shows her leaving with the takeout order, then coming back with a man within 30 seconds to complain about the order. Police are searching for the couple.

Click here to watch video.


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Asian Owner of Missha Beauty Chokes & Kicks African American Customer


By: Customer’s Poet

While the owner claims the customer stole from him, the situation should have never gone that far.

While shopping in Missha Beauty, an African America customer was accused by the Asian owner, Sung Ho Lim, of stealing eye lashes (an item which cost less than $1 wholesale). After confronting the customer, the video shows her yelling at Lim “Check my bag. I don’t have anything.”. Yet, before she could make it out of the door, Lim attacked.

Kicking the woman then pushing her down to the floor before putting her in a choke hold. The video also shows his wife helping out then later telling him to stop.

As a woman of color this video was hard to watch, especially considering we covered a similar (but not as violent) case in Georgia where the owner of a beauty store pushed a customer to purchase hair extensions.

Although the store owner Sung Ho Lim apologized, something must be done to help improve the relation between Asian store owners and the traditionally African American customer base they service.

If you have not seen the video click here:


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Motel 6 Gives Customer Room Riddled with Bed Bugs, Offers No Refund

By: Customer’s Poet

On Saturday, February 12, Klutch Dolo and his family checked into a room at the Motel 6 on US Hwy 171 in Lake Charles, LA. To their surprise, the hotel had unexpected guest.

“My Fam checked into a room at the Motel 6 on 171 in Lake Charles Louisiana and was about to get some rest after a long night and this is what was seen BED BUGS parasites”


Yet, after seeking help from the front desk, this is what they received.

“The front desk was immediately notified and asked for a refund we were told that the money is non-refundable because of the amount of time spent in the room he said it was 5 hrs and was proven wrong by his own computer”

Seeking to get legal assistance they reached out to the government.

“I have contacted the board of health and Motel 6 corporate office but the attitude from the man at the desk was that he gets these complaints all the time so I’m going to post this and hope it brings change share”.

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Fast Food Worker Puts Her Menstrual Blood & Saliva on Customer’s Food

By: Customer’s Poet

As if fast-food could not get any more disgusting.


A fast food worker by the name of Sky Juliett Samuel from Columbus, MS decided she was fed up with one customer and took matters into her own hands. According to nbc4i.com, a co-worker claimed Samuel did the unthinkable and decided to put her menstrual blood and saliva on a customer’s cheeseburger before serving it to them. Now I understand as a woman that time of the month is no fun. But who does this?

Continuing the story, Samuel allegedly did the act on January 7th while working at Jack’s Family Restaurant. Yet, it was Samuel’s on mother who blasted her on Facebook the viral story led to police issuing a warrant for her arrest.

CEO of Jack’s Family Restaurants, Inc., Todd Bartmess, responded by stating “Food safety is our №1 priority and we are investigating this,…We want to talk to everybody involved, get their stories and find out what happened. We take these kinds of things very seriously.”

Samuel has since then turned herself in and faces up to 5 years in prison.

My question to Samuel: Was it really worth it?

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Victoria’s Secret Kicks Two Woman Out of Store for Being Black


By: Customer’s Poet

Kimberly Houzah of Alabama never saw his coming.


While shopping at the Victoria’s Secret store at the Quintard Mall in Oxford, Alabama, Houzah and another unidentified woman were asked to leave the store for no apparent reason. According to Houzah’s recorded footage, Manager Faith Batchelor can be heard stating multiple times “I just need y’all to go” to her and the other female customer without reason. Yet, Houzah learned the real reason why.

“There was another Black female in here got caught stealing. . . so she asks me and another Black female to leave. . . she can’t tell us why but we kicked out the store.”

victoria-secret-kicks-two-woman-out-of-store-for-being-black2The situation hit Houzah and the other customer hard as mall security took the side of the manager stating “Mam, I am going to ask you to leave”.

“She did not check my bag. She did not accuse me of stealing but because I am Black and another Black person happened to get caught stealing, we got to be affiliated.”

Unknowing to Batchelor and mall security, Houzah was a loyal customer and Victoria’s Secret card holder. In the process of walking to her car, Houzah became emotional and vowed to “never, ever step a foot back in that store”.

In efforts of raising awareness regarding Houzah’s experience, a petition has been created. To support the petition click here.

Racial profiling is a very serious issue. If a company has made an error they should apologize and compensate you. For more help contact stopracialprofiling.net.


According to CNN, Victoria’s Secret has apologized to a woman who posted a widely viewed video on Facebook saying she was kicked out of an Alabama store because she is black. The article went on to state Victoria’s Secret “said the employee is no longer with the company”.

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