Most Loved & Hated Airlines According to Customer Service

Most Loved & Hated Airlines According to Customer Service

By: Customer’s Poet

With so much negative news surrounding airlines these days, here are a list of the top-rated Airline according to customer service.

JetBlue (82) and Southwest (80) are in the lead while Alaska Airlines is close behind at 78.

JetBlue’s low-cost business model and cabin upgrades are paying off, while Southwest’s pricing policies (that include no hidden fees and no charge for a flight change), remain popular with customers.

Alaska Airlines, known for excellent customer service, is in the process of merging with Virgin America. While mergers often cause customer satisfaction problems, hence AT&T with DirecTV, for Alaska Air’s sake let’s hope it continues to improve.

American Airlines is up by six percent despite the viral incident involving a flight attendant violently taking a stroller away from a customer nearly hitting her baby. While our hometown airliner Delta is up seven percent with a 76, just one point above the industry average.

On the other end of the spectrum, United was the lowest-rated of the nation’s big three airlines even after improving by three percent scoring a 70.

At the bottom of the list once again: Frontier (63, down five percent) and Spirit (61, down two percent). People who fly Frontier and Spirit tend to have fairly low expectations for service — they simply want to get from here to there for as little as possible. Let’s just agree that you get what you pay for.

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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Secret Eyes Mystery Shops: Jim Ellis Audi of Marietta

By: Customer’s Poet

Jim Ellis.

The well-known, family owned & operated dealer of the Atlanta metropolitan area with a track record that many competitors can’t touch.

Yet, when it comes to dealing with customers with children, the dealer leaves more to be desired.

While actively shopping for a luxury SUV for my family and I, I took the recommendation of customer to visit the local Marietta Audi dealership. Pulling into the dealership, going inside to find a sales person, and discussing the car I wanted were all typical to me. Same old, same old.

What stood out to me was when my salesman Joe Jefferson allowed me to put my child’s car seat in the car but did not offer a test drive. Well why did not you ask for one? Many of you may ask. For one of many reasons.

First as a customer (with or without children) you should not have to ask for a test drive. It’s already understood that you want to purchase and have an interest in the car. Having to ask for a test drive states that the salesperson did not assume the sale.

Secondly, as a customer I stated multiple times that I was interested in another competitor’s car. The singular red flag to a sales person that a competitor could take your sale. Using the fact that having more space for my growing family was important to me. Sadly, Mr. Jefferson was more concerned with stating why his brand was more superior that the competitor I was considering.

Finally, for a customer there is nothing more frustrating than when a sales person fails to demonstrate and/or describe product features for big ticket items. While looking at the Audi SUV, Mr. Jefferson opened the doors and mentioned basic facts about the car which was clearly visible to the eye. I felt he believe the car would sell itself because I was a woman and it was an Audi.

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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Turkish Airline Crew Successfully Delivers Baby Mid Flight, Mom Was 28 Weeks Pregnant

By: Customer’s Poet

Talk about Customer Service.

According to the Huffington Post, the crew of the Turkish Airline flight from Guinea’s capital of Conakry to Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso delivered a passenger’s baby mid-flight. Yes. I said they delivered a baby at 42,000 Feet altitude. I’m sure they did not learn this in med school.

The new mom was 28 weeks pregnant at the time of birth ad cleared to fly with a note. Yet, her daughter could not wait any longer.

Fortunately, the newborn and mommy were taken to a hospital in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso’s capital. They have been report as doing well.

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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Customer Energy: When it comes to complaining for results, what kind of customer are you?

By: Customer’s Poet

I know. I know.

We have all experienced some form of customer service where things went south quickly. Boo Hoo. It’s just a part of life. Things don’t always go as plan.

After considering the story of a customer calling another customer a slut for kissing her boyfriend in public, I wanted to take the time to ask What kind of customer are you when it comes to complaining?

Taking guidance from The Complaining Cow herself, Helen Dewdney, read the profile to learn which customer complainer you truly are.

Serial Complainer AKA Persistent Complainer

You complain continually to the same company. Your complaints are frequently correctly but you keep complaining. You spend a lot of time complaining by sending emails, calling the company in question, sending letters, etc. and never give up.

Extreme Complainer AKA Unsatisfied Complainer

Some may consider you a serial complainer. You complain when the time you spent complaining doesn’t match the solution offered by the company. You’re un-satisified and want more. Sometimes, your complaining efforts do match what the company gave you to resolve the issue but you continue complaining. I call this the person who just doesn’t let things go.

Dishonest Complainer

You make up stories or do things to make your stories real to receive freebies. For example, we had a customer complaining about a makeup kit she never received. Bashing the company’s name via social media. When it turned out she never purchased a makeup kit in the first place. Talk about dishonesty.

Opportunist Complainer

Like the dishonest complainer, you seek opportunities to complain in order to gain something not entitled to you. Often keeping on customer service until you are paid to go away.

Rude Complainer

You complain by attacking everyone. You swear, shout, write abusive letters or emails to customer service and members of top management in order to get your way. Usually your abusive strategy leaves your complaints going unresolved. Making you more abusive.

Amusing Complainer

Not being prone to use anger like the abusive complainer, you use humor to get your point across. Which usually gets you noticed and closer to having your complaint resolved. But, sometimes it can cause your complain to not be taken seriously.

Innovative Complainer

You look for creative ways to get to the top dog of the company in efforts of getting your complain resolved quickly.

Regardless of your complaining style, you must make sure that your complaining efforts don’t go overlooked. Ensure you’re an effective complainer (Know their rights. Assert them politely. Will not be passed off when company tries to pass the blame) and not an ineffective complainer (Tends to vent their complaints but never follow through. Post on social media and that’s about it. Not assertive and don’t know legal rights. Often gets passed off as not serious).

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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White Woman Threatens to Kill Black Family at Fast Food Restaurant Yelling “Get Out of My Country”, Workers Step In

By: Customer’s Poet

While we are not sure where this occurred or why it happened, it is clear footage of an unidentified woman lingering outside of a fast food restaurant’s door. From the footage, it appears she was staring at the Black family as they casually ate a meal with their infant child.

After thoroughly analyzing the footage, our theory is that this woman could have been a previous problem starter for this restaurant or that what was recorded was the aftermath of something that occurred between the irate woman and the family. Either way we commend the workers for stepping in and acting as a barrier between the family and the irate customer.

Considering we don’t promote violence or hatred we won’t share what exactly was said. Yet, if you want to know, click here to watch.

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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Are Celebrities Using Social Media To connect With Customers or Promote Products?


By: Customer’s Poet

It’s hump day Wednesday!

I mean that literally for Nicki Minaj who has “Make Love VEVO” trending before it was even formally released after humping a blow up, floatie unicorn while, oh course, dissing Remy Ma non-directly. But we’re not going there. Anyways.

While most of us are working away at work, Twitter has been going crazy over many things. The Brexit Article 50, severe weather in Oklahoma and Texas, and the ciaos at the capital including an aggressive female driver fleeing cops while hitting a cop car. Yet, since we’re talking about celebs, we could not help but notice the Blac Chyna drama on Snap Chat. Or should we say the Kardashing — definition the Kardashian way of using your family drama to promote your business — of former lover and father of child Tyga for not paying child support which caused a hot social media fire storm.

After reviewing Chyna’s Snap Chat post, which led fans to believe it was the address of her ex, we decided to do a little more research. Here’s what we found.

As expected, it was not the address of her former love Tyga, but rather the address of her business Lashed.

Blac Chyna is not the only one using her personal drama for self promotion. Mother in Law, Kris Jenner has made a brand name off of the backs of her daughters. Hence the term Kardashing. But, there are plenty more who do the same.

Even Chyna’s acquaintance Nicki Minaj got into the act when she released her long awaited response to Remy Ma’s Shether diss track.

But the queen of cashing in on family/ personal drama is Beyonce. Unlike her peers, the Queen B drops hints of social media but puts the back story in her music.

Now, I am not sure about you but are celebrities using (or should I say misusing) our obsession with them to promote their products or productions?

Let us know what you think.

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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Customer Claims Asians and Customer Service Don’t Mix

Customer Claims Asians and Customer Service Don_t Mix

By: Customer’s Poet

If you type in the words “Asians” and “customer service” in Google, you’ll be prompted with the additional words “rude” and “bad service”.

As Americans, we can all agree that not every nation has or meets our expectations when it comes to delivering great customer service (honest side note: sometimes we ourselves fail to meet our own expectations). In turn the people who come to America for better opportunities take their beliefs of what proper customer service is with them.

Considering the events that unfolded at Missha Beauty Store in Charlotte NC as owner Sing Ho Lim placed an African American women in a choke hold for allegedly stealing eye lashes, I wanted to dig deeper into this discussion of Asians and customer service.

Almost a year to date, Secret Eyes received a complaint from an African American woman (a customer) regarding her experience with store owners of a beauty store near her. While her experience was more favorable than what occurred in Charlotte, her issue was the owner’s persistence to push the sale of a wig. Even after she made multiple attempts at stating she did not want it. She claimed they attempted to run her credit card for the total of the wig and was angry when she decided to leave the store. In her words “Asians and customer service just don’t mix”. Unfortunately, that store lost yet another customer.

But this is not the first time Asians and customer service, especially involving African Americans, have been the topic of discussed or bud of a joke. Consider the Wayans Brothers’ parody movie Don’t Be A Menace when the Asian store clerks popped up in every corner stating to the two men “Hurry up and buy”.

While the majority of this article focuses on African American customers and their experiences dealing with Asian store clerks, they’re not the only ones talking about the less than great customer service they have received. Case and point. In the article entitled Why do some Chinese restaurants have horrible customer service? Writer Jim Gordon describes his experiences with multiple Chinese restaurants across the US. Some of his top issues included:

– no greeting at the door

– not asking for refills

– not offering sufficient plates

– having to ask for napkins

– not asking how our meal tastes

– making the customer go to the cashier to pay the bill

Going back to the Missha Beauty Store fiasco, in all fairness to owner Sing Ho Lim he publicly apologized and took accountability for his actions. Yet was it enough?

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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