Most Loved & Hated Airlines According to Customer Service

Most Loved & Hated Airlines According to Customer Service

By: Customer’s Poet

With so much negative news surrounding airlines these days, here are a list of the top-rated Airline according to customer service.

JetBlue (82) and Southwest (80) are in the lead while Alaska Airlines is close behind at 78.

JetBlue’s low-cost business model and cabin upgrades are paying off, while Southwest’s pricing policies (that include no hidden fees and no charge for a flight change), remain popular with customers.

Alaska Airlines, known for excellent customer service, is in the process of merging with Virgin America. While mergers often cause customer satisfaction problems, hence AT&T with DirecTV, for Alaska Air’s sake let’s hope it continues to improve.

American Airlines is up by six percent despite the viral incident involving a flight attendant violently taking a stroller away from a customer nearly hitting her baby. While our hometown airliner Delta is up seven percent with a 76, just one point above the industry average.

On the other end of the spectrum, United was the lowest-rated of the nation’s big three airlines even after improving by three percent scoring a 70.

At the bottom of the list once again: Frontier (63, down five percent) and Spirit (61, down two percent). People who fly Frontier and Spirit tend to have fairly low expectations for service — they simply want to get from here to there for as little as possible. Let’s just agree that you get what you pay for.

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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