Secret Eyes Mystery Shops: Jim Ellis Audi of Marietta

By: Customer’s Poet

Jim Ellis.

The well-known, family owned & operated dealer of the Atlanta metropolitan area with a track record that many competitors can’t touch.

Yet, when it comes to dealing with customers with children, the dealer leaves more to be desired.

While actively shopping for a luxury SUV for my family and I, I took the recommendation of customer to visit the local Marietta Audi dealership. Pulling into the dealership, going inside to find a sales person, and discussing the car I wanted were all typical to me. Same old, same old.

What stood out to me was when my salesman Joe Jefferson allowed me to put my child’s car seat in the car but did not offer a test drive. Well why did not you ask for one? Many of you may ask. For one of many reasons.

First as a customer (with or without children) you should not have to ask for a test drive. It’s already understood that you want to purchase and have an interest in the car. Having to ask for a test drive states that the salesperson did not assume the sale.

Secondly, as a customer I stated multiple times that I was interested in another competitor’s car. The singular red flag to a sales person that a competitor could take your sale. Using the fact that having more space for my growing family was important to me. Sadly, Mr. Jefferson was more concerned with stating why his brand was more superior that the competitor I was considering.

Finally, for a customer there is nothing more frustrating than when a sales person fails to demonstrate and/or describe product features for big ticket items. While looking at the Audi SUV, Mr. Jefferson opened the doors and mentioned basic facts about the car which was clearly visible to the eye. I felt he believe the car would sell itself because I was a woman and it was an Audi.

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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