Customer Claims Asians and Customer Service Don’t Mix

Customer Claims Asians and Customer Service Don_t Mix

By: Customer’s Poet

If you type in the words “Asians” and “customer service” in Google, you’ll be prompted with the additional words “rude” and “bad service”.

As Americans, we can all agree that not every nation has or meets our expectations when it comes to delivering great customer service (honest side note: sometimes we ourselves fail to meet our own expectations). In turn the people who come to America for better opportunities take their beliefs of what proper customer service is with them.

Considering the events that unfolded at Missha Beauty Store in Charlotte NC as owner Sing Ho Lim placed an African American women in a choke hold for allegedly stealing eye lashes, I wanted to dig deeper into this discussion of Asians and customer service.

Almost a year to date, Secret Eyes received a complaint from an African American woman (a customer) regarding her experience with store owners of a beauty store near her. While her experience was more favorable than what occurred in Charlotte, her issue was the owner’s persistence to push the sale of a wig. Even after she made multiple attempts at stating she did not want it. She claimed they attempted to run her credit card for the total of the wig and was angry when she decided to leave the store. In her words “Asians and customer service just don’t mix”. Unfortunately, that store lost yet another customer.

But this is not the first time Asians and customer service, especially involving African Americans, have been the topic of discussed or bud of a joke. Consider the Wayans Brothers’ parody movie Don’t Be A Menace when the Asian store clerks popped up in every corner stating to the two men “Hurry up and buy”.

While the majority of this article focuses on African American customers and their experiences dealing with Asian store clerks, they’re not the only ones talking about the less than great customer service they have received. Case and point. In the article entitled Why do some Chinese restaurants have horrible customer service? Writer Jim Gordon describes his experiences with multiple Chinese restaurants across the US. Some of his top issues included:

– no greeting at the door

– not asking for refills

– not offering sufficient plates

– having to ask for napkins

– not asking how our meal tastes

– making the customer go to the cashier to pay the bill

Going back to the Missha Beauty Store fiasco, in all fairness to owner Sing Ho Lim he publicly apologized and took accountability for his actions. Yet was it enough?

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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