Asian Owner of Missha Beauty Chokes & Kicks African American Customer


By: Customer’s Poet

While the owner claims the customer stole from him, the situation should have never gone that far.

While shopping in Missha Beauty, an African America customer was accused by the Asian owner, Sung Ho Lim, of stealing eye lashes (an item which cost less than $1 wholesale). After confronting the customer, the video shows her yelling at Lim “Check my bag. I don’t have anything.”. Yet, before she could make it out of the door, Lim attacked.

Kicking the woman then pushing her down to the floor before putting her in a choke hold. The video also shows his wife helping out then later telling him to stop.

As a woman of color this video was hard to watch, especially considering we covered a similar (but not as violent) case in Georgia where the owner of a beauty store pushed a customer to purchase hair extensions.

Although the store owner Sung Ho Lim apologized, something must be done to help improve the relation between Asian store owners and the traditionally African American customer base they service.

If you have not seen the video click here:


As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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