Motel 6 Gives Customer Room Riddled with Bed Bugs, Offers No Refund

By: Customer’s Poet

On Saturday, February 12, Klutch Dolo and his family checked into a room at the Motel 6 on US Hwy 171 in Lake Charles, LA. To their surprise, the hotel had unexpected guest.

“My Fam checked into a room at the Motel 6 on 171 in Lake Charles Louisiana and was about to get some rest after a long night and this is what was seen BED BUGS parasites”


Yet, after seeking help from the front desk, this is what they received.

“The front desk was immediately notified and asked for a refund we were told that the money is non-refundable because of the amount of time spent in the room he said it was 5 hrs and was proven wrong by his own computer”

Seeking to get legal assistance they reached out to the government.

“I have contacted the board of health and Motel 6 corporate office but the attitude from the man at the desk was that he gets these complaints all the time so I’m going to post this and hope it brings change share”.

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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