Walmart Worker Strikes a Customer with Cart, Customer Sues

By: Customer’s Poet

Workplace unprofessionalism.

It’s one of the number one causes of accidents and disputes. It’s exactly what happened in an Oregon Walmart. According to the Oregon Live, a Walmart customer claimed a worker knocked her over after turning a corner pushing a cart stacked high with boxes right into her.

The customer claimed the worker was texting while pushing a cart and did not see her nor her shopping cart. While the incident occurred on August. 13, 2015, Carol A. Smith, the customer, filed last week in Deschutes County Circuit Court for $175,000. Claiming she suffered a concussion, post-concussive syndrome, tenderness to her ears, stiffness, tightness/ loss of range of motion to her neck, shoulders and back.

Although most have witnessed this kind of behavior at least once in our lives, a recent visit to my favorite comfort food restaurant put things in perspective. Yet, instead of texting, I got a little more than the food and service. I got gossip.

While eating at my favorite restaurant, I overheard two employees talking about what appeared to be their manager. I could tell because they stated things like “cutting my hours” and “I trying to get paid”. The conversation did not really bother me until one of them stated the n word. That’s when my view of their conversation changed. As a side note both employees were African American and I fully understood their use of the n word. However, they were standing in front of the restaurant speaking loud enough where I could hear them.

In all honesty, I have been told that I have dog ears but never mind me. Have you ever witnessed since workplace unprofessionalism by employees? If so where and how did you handle it?

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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