Customers Leave Uber in Droves After Muslim Ban

By: Customer’s Poet

Cause and effect.

From the looks of things, President Trump is doing exactly what he said he’ll do. He is planning to build a wall along the US/ Mexico border and he has executed a Muslim Ban (which he believes will make America safer). Yet, in his mad dash to get things done, his lack of experience has showed up in many ways than one. Especially when it comes to the international affairs.

While the Muslim Ban was labeled as Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States, according to the New York Times it’s “cowardly and dangerous”. Not only has the ban effected Muslims and been deemed as illegal, but it caused a chain reaction of disturbances in the world of business as well. Disturbances, we believe, President Trump may have overlooked.

According to the Business Insider, thousands of Uber customers are deleting the app and after drivers continued doing business with JFK airport despite the taxi strike announced by the NY Taxi Workers Alliance. Which called for all drivers to avoid doing business with the airport between 6–7pm to protest against President Donald Trump’s executive order. Many customers are urging for others to fully deactivate their Uber accounts which require contact with (yes) their digital, online only, no telephone number customer service. Considering Uber’s alleged support for the president’s new laws, many customers have switched to Lyft which publicly claimed to be against the Muslim Ban.

But it’s not just Uber, according to, AirBnB has stepped in to offer free housing to those stranded due to the passing of the Muslim Ban.

Even with many upset and at odds over his executive order, President Trump continues to be on the defensive. According to NBC News, the president stated the Obama administration previously identified the same seven countries banned in his Muslin Ban “as sources of terror”. A misleading statement as the designated seven nations were deemed dangerous for American citizens to visit, not designated as a source of immigrant-related terrorism.

Although President Trump’s intentions may be good, his actions have led to nothing more than protest.

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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