Donald Trump’s Popularity Tanked Before His Inauguration, Here’s What You as a Customer Can Learn from It


By: Customer’s Poet

With so much controversy surrounding 45th President Elect Donald Trump celebrities want no part of him, the berating social media fire storm, or the boycotts that follow. Considering this here are a few tips you as a customer can learn from President Elect Trump’s Inauguration fiasco.

Understanding the trouble President Elect Trump’s team is having with booking performances for his inauguration is nothing more than a Hollywood Black List. According to ABC News/Washington Post poll, Donald Trump enters office as the most unpopular of at least the last seven newly elected presidents. The backlash has targeted Kanye West, Steve Harvey, and Toby Keith for interacting with him. Yet, companies have been targeted too.


On Thursday, January 12th, the president elect took to Twitter to show his gratitude to LL Bean founder Linda Bean for supporting him during his campaign run. But Bean’s generosity may have put her company in jeopardy. According to, the company has found itself facing the threat of a boycott started by Grab Your Wallet, a group that encourages shoppers to avoid certain companies that have ties to Trump and his family.

Avoid being black listed

Learning from the president elect’s troubles with transitioning into his new role, there nothing worse than being the person people love to hate. This principle applies in customer service as well.

Everyone knows someone who’s the worse customer known to man. For me, it’s my aunt. Yet, if that person is a repeat customer to a particular place, they become known as the Black Listed customer. The customer every worker hates and every manager tolerates. Don’t be that person.

Be selective in what you say

As you can see with President Elect Trump, when you offend people they never forget it. Case and point there will be many boycotts going on during his inauguration. Not to mention many House Representatives won’t be attending after he offended House Representative John Lewis.

When it comes to customer service, if you’re a customer seeking help choose your words wisely as offending a rep could lead to receiving no help at all. If you’re the kind of person who struggles with saying the first thing that comes to mind, consider changing your vocabulary. In the words of Tony Robbins “the language we attach to our experience becomes our experience”. So remember this the next time you consider berating a customer service rep.

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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