Victoria’s Secret Kicks Two Woman Out of Store for Being Black


By: Customer’s Poet

Kimberly Houzah of Alabama never saw his coming.


While shopping at the Victoria’s Secret store at the Quintard Mall in Oxford, Alabama, Houzah and another unidentified woman were asked to leave the store for no apparent reason. According to Houzah’s recorded footage, Manager Faith Batchelor can be heard stating multiple times “I just need y’all to go” to her and the other female customer without reason. Yet, Houzah learned the real reason why.

“There was another Black female in here got caught stealing. . . so she asks me and another Black female to leave. . . she can’t tell us why but we kicked out the store.”

victoria-secret-kicks-two-woman-out-of-store-for-being-black2The situation hit Houzah and the other customer hard as mall security took the side of the manager stating “Mam, I am going to ask you to leave”.

“She did not check my bag. She did not accuse me of stealing but because I am Black and another Black person happened to get caught stealing, we got to be affiliated.”

Unknowing to Batchelor and mall security, Houzah was a loyal customer and Victoria’s Secret card holder. In the process of walking to her car, Houzah became emotional and vowed to “never, ever step a foot back in that store”.

In efforts of raising awareness regarding Houzah’s experience, a petition has been created. To support the petition click here.

Racial profiling is a very serious issue. If a company has made an error they should apologize and compensate you. For more help contact


According to CNN, Victoria’s Secret has apologized to a woman who posted a widely viewed video on Facebook saying she was kicked out of an Alabama store because she is black. The article went on to state Victoria’s Secret “said the employee is no longer with the company”.

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