Whataburger Employee Curses Out Minister, Then Calls Cops When He Patiently Waits for Service


By: Customer’s Poet

We are sure Vernon Richo never saw this coming as he pulled into a Yulee FL Whataburger for a late night snack run. According to Richo, he pulled into the restaurant’s drive thru line around 1:35 am on December 4th to order drinks.

“I arrived in the Yulee Florida Whataburger drive thru approximately 1:35am December 4th 2016 to purchase a milkshake for my friend and something to drink for myself.”

He was greeted as he should have been and was asked to hold a moment being that there were only 2 employees working, which he did.

“The Drive thru attendant greeted us as expected and asked us to hold for a moment. I agreed.”

After holding for a short while, Richo suggested to his friend that they visit another fast food place which was nearby. That’s when the Whataburger snapped.

“After waiting longer than four minutes with no response, I made a comment to my friend about going to the McDonald’s two buildings over. After the attendant heard my statement she said “My general manager said that because there was only two employees working that shift that they could reject customers service and she then told me to “Go ahead to McDonald’s and leave her Fucking drive thru.”

Taking offense to the worker’s tone and offensive use of language, Richo decided to record the rest of the encounter.

“I then proceeded to record the rest our interaction on cell phone video. I told her to treat me with respect as a customer and serve me politely.”

Click to Watch

Being a minister and using the peaceful method of protest, Richo waited for the worker to politely ask him “Hi, can I take your order?”. Yet, he never received that.

“She refused even after the drive through was clear and the customers behind me left the line.. Then she called the Nassau County Sheriff’s office on me to remove me from the drive thru. I waited another five minutes for her to serve me before the cops got there but she didn’t. Then the cops called me out of the line, questioned me, and then suggested that I not seek to receive service from there tonight.”

Yet, this is not the fast food chain’s first time refusing to properly service customers. According to Fox 4 News, a Lewisville TX Whataburger employee told two off-duty police officers that “We don’t serve police officers”.

In conclusion, Richo claimed he was “Mistreated, Refused Service, Cursed, Embarrassed and most of all forced by Cops to leave the premises without being in any violation of any kind” all because he requested proper customer service from a drive thru worker.

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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