Elderly Customer Says See Tickets Took Advantage of Them


By: Customer’s Poet

Ever purchased tickets for your favorite shows or events using See Tickets?

Well you’re not alone. The website, which sells tickets to over 35,000 concerts and live events, failed properly handle a claim made by an elderly customer.

According to the customer, they purchased tickets to a concert as a birthday present for their nephew unaware of See Tickets policy regarding show entry.

“I am elderly (over 60) and have a few health concerns related to my age. I purchased two tickets in August for a male relative from See Tickets for a concert in November. When the tickets arrived two weeks before the concert they carried a statement that the lead booker must present ID to gain entry to the venue. I was not aware of this condition and contacted See Tickets immediately.”

After stating the situation to customer service reps, the customer received little help.

“I apologized for my mistake, took full responsibility and asked how we could solve this. I was told that there “were no amendments. No exceptions”. I was told I would have to attend the concert with my nephew. I would have been happy to do this if I had to, although the concert is not attractive to me and I’m hardly the chosen accomplice for my young nephew at a pop concert. Plus I live 40+ miles away and because of medical conditions cannot drive. Consequently it is unlikely I would be able to get home after the concert because the last train would have gone. I cannot stay overnight, again because of medical frailties.”

With little hope of being physically able to attend the concert, the customer was forced to take a loss and not allow his nephew to attend the concert.

“I was told by See Tickets there were no exceptions and the tickets were invalid, they cost £44 unless I attended the concert. They were a birthday present in August for my male relative… I am devastated and my nephew is bitterly disappointed.”

See Tickets What happened to customer service for the elderly? What could have been done to better resolve this?

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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