Thorne Market Closes Town’s Only 2 Grocery Stores Without Explanation Before Thanksgiving, Community Devastated


By: Customer’s Poet

While store closings are no surprise to us (being the nature of capitalism) in the case of Thorne Market, we have an issue.

According to Explore Venango, Thorne Market or Thorne Management — a small grocery operation HQ in Salem, OH — will permanently close its two Oil City, PA locations. Oil City, a small, rural PA town about 90 miles north of Pittsburgh, is a business stricken community which was once known as the initial exploration and development of the petroleum industry. Yet, according to an Oil City resident, the closing of both Thorne Markets “will severely gut our already business stricken community. Our markets have been in operation since 2004 & not much else is nearby for groceries.”

The resident continued to state that Thorne Market “has suddenly without prior notice (a day before) decided to close the 2 local branches in our of Oil City. They have informed employees they are doing so before Thanksgiving. Again, there was no prior notice. The employees are beyond devastated & believe this to be unwarranted & is without explanation.”

Considering the several attempts of local media and community members to Thorne Management without an explanation or response, Secret Eyes stepped in to help. After reaching out multiple times to Thorne Management in Salem, we received the following statements from a company representative:

When we requested to speak with a particular company executive by name, we received this “she’s not in the office”.

When we asked to speak with someone regarding the Oil City location, she stated “no one is available in the office”.

When we asked when someone would be available, she stated “I don’t have a schedule on anyone”.

After searching the company’s website,, it appears the Oil City locations have been removed.

According to an Oil City resident, several Thorne’s Market employees have been silenced & advised not to discuss anything with customers or members of the local media.

“Most employees are distraught & seemingly in fear & did state “they have no type of severance” and it looks like they are basically are being displaced. It’s a very sad situation & many had been with the company since they opened here in 2004.”

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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