Clinton Gets Trumped: What Companies Can Learn About Customer Service from This Election

Donald Trump

By: Customer’s Poet

Donald Trump won the 2016 US Presidential Election despite multiple predictions being made in favor of Hilary Clinton.

Considering everything else that’s going on in the world with citizens overturning their government, it’s no surprise that the same the has occurred in the US. Despite his many public failures, Trump’s victory is a prime reflection of the faith people have in politicians. None.

After witnessing this shocking victory, there are a few things that companies struggling in the customer service department can learn from the Trump Presidential Campaign.

Build a solid brand customers will trust

Branding, branding, and more branding. It’s easy to see that Trump knows his business. When it came to his presidential campaigning strategy, Trump was his honest self. He meant what he said and said what he meant. He was not concerned about being politically correct. He did not care about offending anyone with his opinion and succeeded at getting his point across.

Stand for your customers and they will stand for you

Regardless of what elite Americans thought of him, Trump stood up and showed out for the average American blue collar worker. He acknowledged them. He visited their towns. He knew exactly how to relate to them. He spoke their language. He understood they’re concerns and their thoughts.

Capture the ear of the customer

Trump’s win is a clear sign that people don’t care about the old way of doing things. Ordinary and the old way of doing things does not count. The mindset of how it’s been and how it’s done, is no more. People want innovation and crave newness. They want someone who’s going to give them what they want right now. Trump did exactly that — listened to citizens and gave them what they want. Real change.

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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