Woman wins $42.9 million, Casino says it was a mistake: Can a Casino Refuse Payout for a Malfunctioning Machine?


By: Customer’s Poet

Could you imagine inserting $2.25 into a slot machine and becoming an instant Millionaire?


Well, it’s exactly what happened to Katrina Bookman when she visited the Resorts World Casino in New York.

According to Abc News 7, Bookman visited the casino in August where she played the slots. After spending $2.25, her numbers hit and she won a jackpot of $42,949,672.76. Oh so she thought.

Immediately after hitting the Jackpot, Bookman was escorted out of the casino floor by security and her family. She asked to return the next day to claim her prize. Once she returned, she asked casino representatives “What did I win?”. They replied “You didn’t win nothing” she recalled. According to Bookman the casino offered her a steak dinner.

The New York State Gaming Commission claims Bookman’s slot machine malfunctioned. “Malfunctions void all pays and plays,” a warning states on all the slot machines in the casino.

Bookman stated she plans to sue the casino for her winnings.



[Click Here] to view video.

Should The Resort World Casino be allowed to not issue her winnings due to a machine malfunction or should The Resort Casino be held liable for leaving a faulty machine on the casino floor?

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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