Computer Glitch or Blatant Lie: Movie claims Birth of a Nation is Sold Out When It’s Not


By: Customer’s Poet

On Tuesday, October 25, 2016, Devon Walls of Delaware decided to visit the Brandywine Town Center Regal Cinemas to see Birth of a Nation — The Nat Turner Story. After stating he wanted tickets to the 9:30pm showing of the movie, Regal employees stated that the movie was sold out. Thinking it was odd for it to be sold out on a Tuesday evening, Walls decided to see for himself if the movie was indeed sold out. To his surprise it was not.

“So, I go into Birth of Nation’s theater and there was only 3 people sitting in there. All of the people that was in there said that they told them the show was sold out. Which it was not. It was a lie.”

After witnessing it was not sold out, Walls went to the ticket booth to express his concern.

“I came here for 9:30 to see Birth of a Nation and they said that it was sold out. I went into the theater. It was only 4 seats sold for it. What’s happening with that? Why is that happening?”

The rep replied, “Uhhh. I’m not sure. I don’t know. On my screen it says it, so I say it.” However, she went to get a manager. After letting the manager know that he and 6 others came to see the movie, only to be told it sold out; Walls asked the manager “why are they saying that the film is sold out and it’s not sold out?” The manager claims they dropped the show then added the show at 9:30pm.

In the end, no employee at the movie seemed to know what was happening or going on with the showing of the movie. In the words of Devon Walls “I can’t believe it”. Do you believe it?

Was this a computer glitch or blatant lie? You tell us.

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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