Wendy’s refers to customer as Lil Ugly Dude, family claims its bullying

Wendys refers to customer as Lil Ugly Dude family claims its bullying.jpg

By: Customer’s Poet

“Lil Ugly Dude”

Not something you’d expect to read on a receipt as your name. Yet, for a family in Mobile, AL, it was exactly what happened.

On Monday night, October 3rd, Mom Teeneshia Bush sent her 15 year old son, Quenterus Brown into the Wendy’s Restaurant located on Schillinger Road. According to Brown, the staff appeared to be laughing hysterically for some odd reason and he did not know why until he got his receipt. It read “Lil Ugly Dude”.

After reading the words printed at the bottom of the receipt, Brown stated “It hurt my feelings, it made me cry I was embarrassed and I felt bad,”. In rage over the receipt, his mother Bush took to Facebook to post the receipt and share her experience:

“Don’t just put anything on the receipt,… Because you don’t go around making fun of people, you don’t know their situation, that’s bullying”

She also added that her son deals with mental health issues. Yet, she did not stop there. She took her case to the top reaching out to Wendy’s Director of Management Services, Ed Sheffield, who released this statement:

“Wendy’s has been a part of this community for many years, and we were certainly disappointed to learn that one of our employees treated a guest in such a rude manner. We take this seriously, and we no longer employ this individual. When we learned of the incident, we immediately contacted the guest. We apologized to the young man and his mother and look forward to welcoming them back to Wendy’s again.”

Stated by Teeneshia Bush best “Make your customer feel welcomed to come back and shop or visit your store again.”

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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