How Customer Service Made Kevin Hart Millions


By: Customer’s Poet

If you’re not one of the 30+ million people following Kevin Hart’s Twitter page then you’re missing out.

For Mr. Hart being named The World’s Highest Paid Comedian by Forbes Magazine did not come easy. Although some critics may disagree. Yet, if you’ve followed his career from his humble beginnings as a funny shoe salesman to doing Hollywood Blockbusters, you’d know the term easy does not apply to his success.

Considering his strict work ethic and A-List celebrity status, there’s one thing Mr. Hart does not take lightly. And that’s customer service. Here is how it made him millions.

Actively engages with his fans (customers)

Contrary to automated systems of other celebrities and big businesses, Kevin Hart is actually alive and active on his social media pages. If you follow him, you’ll see he consistently posts comments, videos, tweets, does live streams, you name it. He even personally responds to some of his fans.

Delivers quality products

While not all of Hart’s endeavors have been successes, the one constant success has been his comedic skill. Considering this, Hartbeat Productions has maintained delivering quality, laugh-so-hard-your-face-hurts entertainment that has kept Hart’s brand relevant, built his constantly growing fan list, and created pop culture phrases that we’ve all loved to use like “they gone learn today” and soon to be “oh…really?”.

Goes above and beyond

Aside from being Mr. Funnyman, Kevin Hart has managed to motivate millions through key note speeches, his life story, losing his mother, and his humble honesty. He has consistently given back to his hometown of Philadelphia schools. He donated to survivors of Hurricane Sandy and many more causes. But not only does he sign off on a check, he shows up in person. He is even been known to surprise his fans with free movie tickets to some of his shows on opening weekend.

As for anyone claiming the Comedy King’s path to World Domination was easy, here’s what he himself has to say, “Everybody wants to be famous but nobody wants to do the work”.

As always be smart, savvy, and equip.

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