Was Wendy Williams the Product of Bullying?


By: Customer’s Poet

As humans, we all have our soft spots and for Wendy Williams, it’s no different.

For many, Wendy Williams is known as a noisy, celebrity bully who managed to build a successful career off of other people’s pain — mainly celebrities. Yet, recently the Talk Show Diva/ Entrepreneur took a hard emotional hit due to someone else’s choice words of her during her childhood.

During a taping of her self-titled show, Wendy took to the air to speak on the issue of her childhood bully. She went as far to ask her audience if they wanted to hear the song he made about her. As she begin to sing “Wendy Whaleuhms is a fat whale” she broke down in tears. Unfortunately for her, some found it hard to be emphatic considering her bully history and took to social media to share their thoughts.


From a customer service stance, understanding that Wendy Williams is a human and has flaws, should customers be more sensitive of the issues companies face when striving to happily serve millions? Or should companies take the backlash as karma and just deal with it?

Case and point- Comcast. A company known by millions for having some of the fastest and best quality cable/internet services available. Yet, its customer service is the polar opposite. Customers consider them corporate bullies when it comes to dishing out all those hefty fees. But what if Comcast went out of business today as a result of its customer service practices. Would you care?

As for Wendy, even though you’re known as a mean girl, in the words of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson — If They Say Why, Why, Tell ’Em That Is Human Nature.

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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