Kim Kardashian West’s Robbery was No Joke: Here is what you should know if a hotel robbery happens to you

Kim Kardashian West’s Robbery was No Joke.png

By: Customer’s Poet

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard of Kim Kardashian West’s horrific ordeal this past Sunday. As two masked gunmen posing as police came into West’s luxury Parisian apartment, bound her hands and feet, placed her into the bathtub, and stole $10 million worth of her personal property — mainly jewelry. Considering the upper echelon clientele that frequent this “luxury apartment/hotel”, from a customer service stance, who should be held responsible when a customer’s life is in danger while on vacay?

To understand this, I did a little research.

Fortunately for Kim, she was not physically harmed. Yet, according to Legal Match, under most circumstances, if a guest or other patron is a victim of a crime on hotel property, the hotel is not liable for their injuries. In fact, most states have laws that prevent a hotel from being held liable for acts that are outside of the hotel’s control. However, it is possible that a hotel is partially responsible for criminal acts due to inadequate measures taken to protect guests.

When it comes to personal property, according to Law Digest, most hotels exempt themselves or substantially limit their liability for loss or damage to valuables kept in hotels rooms. Most will post conspicuous notices declaring that valuables worth more than a certain amount of money (e.g., $250) must be stored in the hotel safe in order to be covered for loss. When a hotel requests that a guest state a “declared value” for valuables, the hotel generally has the right, on behalf of its insurer, to inspect the valuables for stated value. Room safes are generally recommended only if they contain digital keypads, and the guest assumes all responsibility for getting into the safe and keeping the combination confidential.

Should you or anyone you know experience a hotel robbery, do the following:

1. Contact the police and report the crime

2. Notify the hotel

3. Seek a personal injury attorney to assess if the hotel you were staying at was negligent.

As for Ms. West, we are glad to hear that she was safely reunited with her family back in the US.

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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