Customers…Appreciate Customer Service Week Too


5 Things you can do to enhance your overall customer experience

By: Customer’s Poet

Although Congress proclaimed the first full week in October as Customer Service Week for businesses to nationally recognized and celebrate their customers, there are a few things you as a customer can do to enhance your overall experience.

Track who you have been nice to

I know. I know. This sounds a little Cray Cray but studies show that most human characteristics are learned at home. Including the 7 Virtues of Customer Service. Understanding this, it’s not a bad idea to make a list tracking your good deeds. Now, don’t use this to bring up something you did expecting a favor back in return. Use this as a way to spread love and show appreciation to others. For instance, did you cut your elderly neighbors grass this weekend? Or did you go out your way to do something for someone else expecting nothing in return? This is just a start.

Submit a positive customer service story

There are way too many of us complaining about poor customer service via social media. It’s time for more of us to be like Christina Grady and share a positive customer service experience. Submit a positive story of your customer service experience to Secret Eyes. You never know. You may be the next viral story who makes it to the Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Find workers to praise

If you go out and encounter great customer from a worker, be sure to go out of your way to praise them for their excellent work. Sometimes all it takes is an extra pat on the back to make someone’s day.

When Companies Do Well Let Them Know

I know they say opinions are like buttholes, everybody has one but in this case, it’s good to share yours. Instead of using social media simply to complain and/or casually chat, write a company letting them know of the excellent service you have received from them. This simple act of kindness could spare someone’s job.

Advocate for change

Finally, if you still feel disgruntled about customer service, show your advocate side. Join the #AllCustomersMatter Online Protest Campaign launching Black Friday, November 25th which seeks to bring a change to customer service industry through globally uniting customers. Find out more info by visiting

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.


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