Good Cops Do Exist


By: Customer’s Poet

Finally a good cop steps up.

After witnessing an entertaining yet historical presidential debate the night before, this story of goodwill gives me hope in mankind.

As most Americans were sleeping peaceful, Mark E. Ross received a devastating call that shuck him to his core. “ At 3am I got a phone call stating that my sister had been killed in a car accident due to some young dumb punk! I haven’t slept and instantly got on the road.”

Considering he had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant, Ross convinced a friend of his to drive there. However, his friend had a suspended license and they took the risk of speeding to get him back to his family in Detroit.

While in route the men were pulled over in Ohio and things weren’t looking too good. “We got pulled over in Ohio…I knew I was going to jail.” Yet, unknowing to Ross, being pulled over was actually a blessing in disguise.

Ross says he experienced an emotional break down and explained to the officer, Sgt. David Robison, that his sister had died. He explained that he needed to get to his mother. “I broke down crying and he saw the sincerity in my cry, he reaches over and began praying over me and my family.”

But that wasn’t all.

Sgt. David Robison did the unthinkable and decided to drive Ross another 100 miles to Detroit to be with his family because the vehicle had been towed. A pure act of kindness which changed the way Ross viewed police.“Everybody knows how much I dislike cops, but I am truly grateful for this guy. He gave me hope,”.

In honor of Sgt. David Robison’s stellar customer service and in efforts of aiding Mark Ross’ grieving family, Secret Eyes created Limited Edition Good Cops Do Exist shirts as our way of giving back. For every shirt purchased a fifty percent of all proceeds will go towards the burial of Eliza Fletcher.

Thank you Sgt. David Robison for restoring Hope in mankind. This one is for all the Good Cops who justly uphold the law and truly care for people.

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

Ever been wronged by big companies and left to feel small. Well you’re not alone!

Join Secret Eyes for #AllCustomersMatter Campaign Day. A day long campaign to bringing global awareness to the growing issue of unethical company practices and poor customer service.

Show your support by purchasing a shirt or hoodie today, wearing it on Black Friday, and photographing yourself wearing it using #AllCustomersMatter.

Together we will change customer service one company and customer at a time.


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