Customer Service: It’s not a department, It’s Everybody’s Job


By: Customer’s Poet

Proof in the pudding that everyone needs customer service training.

So this meetup came to my attention called #FlipMyFunnel. Upon first glance it appeared to be about marketing but marketing was not the topic of discussion. It was customer service. Being a customer service head, I thought why not go and see if they know what they’re talking about.

After arriving, I must admit, it was exciting to see a full house of mainly marketers eager to learn more about customer service and how it could benefit their businesses. Yet, most impressive was Keynote Speaker Jeff Perkins’ lecture to the group. For a guy who clearly stated “I’m no customer service specialist” and works in the SaaS industry, you could tell he did his homework when it came to customer service. The things he spoke of were the very things we preach on a daily basis.

From a customer service perspective, it was impressive to witness the truth of the customer service mantra in the making: Customer service is not a department, its everybody’s job. And these marketers meant serious business.It was definitely the place to be for anyone who cares about growing.

Special thanks to Sangram Vajre of #FlipMyFunnel and Nikki Nixon for organizing an event that was on point to what’s currently going on in the industry. Our final words for Vajre. For your next customer service event or meetup consider us as your customer service specialist.

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

Ever been wronged by big companies and left to feel small. Well you’re not alone!

Join Secret Eyes for #AllCustomersMatter Campaign Day. A day long campaign to bringing global awareness to the growing issue of unethical company practices and poor customer service.

Show your support by purchasing a shirt or hoodie today, wearing it on Black Friday, and photographing yourself wearing it using #AllCustomersMatter.

Together we will change customer service one company and customer at a time.


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