Simple Acts of Kindness: Starbucks Manager Brings Coffee to NY first responders


By: Customer’s Poet

Why would have thought being nice could go this far?

Sunday afternoon, September 19th was anything but sleepy after first responders made it to the scene of New York’s Chelsea neighborhood blast unaware that someone had a gift in store for them.

According to Starbucks, Germaine Zolkos, Starbucks Store Manager of 23rd Street and 5th Avenue, decided to take bags full of coffee, pastries, and drinks to the police and firefighters at the scene. Unknowing to him, Knight News was on the scene and recorded the entire act which went viral having over 16 million views.

Watch Video Here

Still believing he did nothing special, Zolkos states this:

“What does it say about our society that being nice is a big deal?” “It was the least I could do…I wish I could have done more.”

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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