Sean Kingston, The Game, Meek Mill, & Big Meech: Beefing to feed customer appetites or boost brands?


By: Customer’s Poet

How do you stay at the top of customer’s minds with their attention being pulled in many different directions?

With the help of social media of course. Today, celebrities consume our time like never before. According to The Huffington Post, prior to the 90s there were only two major sources for celebrity news: “Entertainment Tonight” and People magazine. Yet, for those celebrities who understand how to market gaining publicity is free.

Case and point: The Game vs Meek Mill

Considering the history of any great war, people take sides. In the Hip Hop world, it’s no different. As for Sean Kingston, it appears he may or may not have taken Meek Mill’s side. According to the Jamacian- American pop superstar himself, Kingston claims The Game’s entourage robbed him while at a Miami night club.  He went into to detail to state that he was “hit across the head with a bottle”. He also responded to The Game stating “The whole world knows what you’re about…you’re trying to sell some albums. How the f**k you look beefing with a pop star?”

Interesting?  Considering the fact that Kingston himself has new music coming out.


Click here to watch

Following Kingston’s fury, The Game retaliated with his own video response spilling more details and a few choice words. According to him,  Kingston called him stating “Big bro somebody robbed me. Can you help me get my chains back”. He went into more detail to share that Meek Mill led Kingston to believe his encourage had something to do with it. Even causing detectives to visit him for questioning.

Check it out:

Sean Kingston The Game Meek Mill & Big Meech Beefing to feed customer appetites or boost brands2.jpg

According to Bossip, Big Meech played the role of the mediator offering these words of wisdom: “I was trying to holler at you for a min[ute] so hopefully I can say something to you that means something before them dudes out there force your hand and make you crash and lose everything out there you work[ed] hard to get,” Meech wrote. “Wanna see you on top successful where you belong not in prison over avoidable dumb shit,” he added.

Sadly, this beef is even being compared to that of Hip Hop Legends Tupac and Biggie’s East Coast/ West Coast Beef. Even going as fan as having fans buy shirts to choose sides. Are you kidding me?

With some much speculation surrounding this story, Secret Eyes wonders if it’s all preconceived to boost record sales. Which brings up the question:

Are these artist beefing to gain pub for near future album sales or are they feeding into the celebrity obsessed modern day customer?

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

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