Capital One Customer Service Rep Sends Flowers to Customer, She’s Not the Only One


By: Customer’s Poet

Like the rest of the world, Secret Eyes took a loving to Christina Grady’s story of customer service gratitude. Yet, after considering some facts about Capital One, did customer service rep Tonya truly go above and beyond the call of duty or was she just doing her job?

In the voice of my fellow friend…”They been doing that…y’all late” and indeed we were.

Considering Capital One serves approximately 45 million accounts, taking on the philosophy of being in the “people business” has allowed the company to take its customer service to the next level. After doing farther research, we found more customers who had similar experiences as Grady’s.

According to the Good News Network, Ellen and Bob Wallace, married and proud owners of Arizona Sun natural skincare company, received unfortunate news of Ellen’s uterine cancer spreading. After paying bills for the company, Bob received a call from Capital One’s fraud department about suspicious account activity. Subsequently, he returned the call and stated the charges were correct. Upon sensing his tone of voice, CSR Chine stated he sounded sad and that’s when he told her about my wife’s cancer. After expressing her thoughts, prayers, and experiences with cancer as well; Chine assured Bob his accounts would be handled.  Within a week, he received flowers to his home including a card from Chine.


In the words of American author, social entrepreneur, and US Army officer Wes Moore “We are products of our expectations”. Sadly in today’s society, customers have become immune to poor customer service practices. So much so, that when occurrences like these happen, they are less inclined to share the great news. According to Help Scout, bad news reaches more than twice as many ears as praise for a good customer service experience.

While we are not sure of the many customers Capital One has done this for, in both examples, it was clear that the customers took it upon themselves to go out of their way to show gratitude.


As for their parts in the story, Tonya and Chine were both great reps who knew how to listen to their customers and properly address their needs.

Its simple actions like these that equates to better customer service for all. When it comes to customer service, it’s a win-win game. If we all took the time to praise as much as we complain, who knows what will happen. Celebrate a customer service rep who has made a difference in your life. Click here to get your #SeeaTonyaBeaTonya limited edition shirts today.

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

Here are additional customers who have shared their Capital One flower experiences:

capital-one-customer-service-rep-sends-flowers-to-customer-shes-not-the-only-one3Capital One Customer Service Rep Sends Flowers to Customer Shes Not the Only One2.jpg

Ever been wronged by big companies and left to feel small. Well you’re not alone!

Join Secret Eyes for #AllCustomersMatter Campaign Day. A day long campaign to bringing global awareness to the growing issue of unethical company practices and poor customer service.

Show your support by purchasing a shirt or hoodie today, wearing it on Black Friday, and photographing yourself wearing it using #AllCustomersMatter.

Together we will change customer service one company and customer at a time.



2 thoughts on “Capital One Customer Service Rep Sends Flowers to Customer, She’s Not the Only One

  1. Customer Service rep. sent Kathryn Grover some flowers, had been in hospital with heart attack. I want Joy to know how surprised and happy I was they are beautiful and really made me feel better. Thanks for thinking of me and being so helpful. God bless you.


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