Customer Reviews & SLAPP Laws: Shouldn’t you be allowed to say what you want?


By: Customer’s Poet

Since the beginning of its origin, America is known as a country of freedom in all aspects of life. Including the right to freedom of speech. Yet, in this social media, digital age society, customer reviews are held as golden and it only takes one really bad review to devastate a company’s business.

Consider the story of Kendra McConnell. After wrecking her Jeep SUV, she took it to Premier Coach Works in El Mirage for repair. McConnell said Premier delayed the start of work, did a poor job, and refused to take or return many of her phone calls. Like many angry customers, she took to the internet to share her experience on Yelp!.

Not long after posting her review, she received a letter from Premier Coach’s legal counsel stating her claims were untrue and asking she remove the post. She did not. Instead she posted the letter as validation to her claim and that’s when she was sued.

But why you ask? SLAPP Laws. According to Cornell Law, SLAPP Laws (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) are defined as “lawsuits filed strategically by a corporation against a group or activist opposing certain action taken by the corporation, usually in the realm of an environmental protest. Typical claims underlying a SLAPP suit are libel, slander or restraint of business.”

Although these laws exist to deter negative reviews and claims, some states have anti- SLAPP Laws which protect freedom of speech. To learn more about your right to post a true customer experience, rather negative or positive, visit

As always be smart, be savvy, and equip.

Ever been wronged by big companies and left to feel small.  Well you’re not alone!

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Together we will change customer service one company and customer at a time.


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