Why Customers Hate Online Banking: Does this apply to you?


By: Customer’s Poet

As the online/mobile banking trend rages, it also enrages. Find out why.

“Regions Bank is cutting customer service to drive people away from trying to use brick & mortar branches.” – Regions Bank Customer, New Orleans

With the thought of convenience being key for newer millennial customers, many big banks are slowly phrasing out brick and mortar locations, opting for the online, mobile banking approach.

According to CNN Money, Bank of America alone has 23% fewer branches and 37% fewer workers than it had in 2009; and they’re not alone. Citibank, PNC Bank, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, and Capital One Bank are all ditching brick and mortars in exchange for low cost, online/mobile banking options.

Yet, 87% of customers claim they trust and receive more value from their bank when speaking to someone in person. For these individuals, the demise of brick and mortar institutions is something they don’t like (Accenture).

Here are their main reasons why.

Long Wait Times Due to Shortage of Available Staff       

“Waited 1hr with 3 others in a branch with only 2 employees and NO SECURITY.”                 – Regions Bank Customer, New Orleans

Understanding the mobile banking shift is in full effect, when customers need to visit banks for help outside of a teller, they’re enraged by the longer than normal wait times.  Or should we say long lines.


Incompetent Customer Service

“I had closed the account ages ago… when I asked about the remaining money, they told me because the account was now inactivate, that I could not get the money and they had no interest in refunding.”

– Cody H., Former US Bank customer

Aside from long wait times in brick and mortar locations, customers are enraged by the sub-par customer service of phone reps. According to many customers, the don’t understand some phone reps due to accents/ language barrier and sometimes they are unable to get the issues resolved.


While mobile banking adds unprecedented convenience for its users, it does not replace the much needed face-to-face human interaction that the customer service industry is deprived of.

As always be smart, savvy, and well equip.

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