Kylie Cosmetics: Huge Demand, Little Service

Kylie Cosmetics Huge Demand Little Service

By: Customer’s Poet

When it comes to customer service, Kylie Cosmetics is definitely no stranger to the most negatively discussed list. Yet, for a new company having such a hot commodity, it’s no wonder the company is having trouble keeping up.

“I was online for 2 hours waiting for the final batch of the birthday edition set. When it finally arrived I ordered two sets. The following morning they sent me a cancellation email for both sets. I don’t even know why? I sent them tens of emails and they didn’t reply.”

Candid words spoken by a frustrated customer & loyal fan of Kylie Jenner’s makeup line Kylie Cosmetics.  Unfortunately for them, the limited time Birthday Edition Kit sold out after they placed their order. It was a classic case of limited supply vs huge demand.

With so much demand for the teen sensation’s cosmetics, Secret Eyes set out to find what’s going on with their customer service.

Customer emails get overlooked

According to many customers, the cosmetics new comer has been accused of ignoring (or should we say not replying) to customer emails. Many of which are complaints or inquiries over shipping, product availability, and cancelled orders (on part of the company supply).

Some shipments were not correctly packaged

Adding to the overlooked emails, some customers have even posted pictures of unfulfilled orders. Considering the cosmetics are selling faster than the systems can keep up, we’re not surprised.

Kylie Cosmetics Huge Demand Little Service3

Too many mixed reviews

When it comes to the actual cosmetics themselves, customers love them. On the other hand, it seems the customer service could use a boost. Some customers are completely happy even euphoric with their experiences. While others are scorn with hate. We believe it’s simply due to the lack of communication when it comes to the product selling out before the orders are fulfilled.

Kylie Cosmetics Huge Demand Little Service2

We must admit for a 19 year old to have a thriving, successful cosmetics line is quite impressive. Especially considering she understands the art of the human touch.  Understanding that Kylie Cosmetics just launched this year, we hope they comb out the kinks in the years to come.

As always be smart, be savvy, and be well equip.

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