AT&T in Rio is a No Go

Secret Eyes Presents: Customer Affairs

A True Story of One Customer’s Plight to Save the Customers of Tomorrow

AT&T in Rio is a No Go1

The 2016 Rio Olympics.

An exciting time to be a part of history in the making. For the thousands of volunteers who traveled to Rio, out of their own pockets, it was all worth it. Yet, for some their trip could have been better.

“Literally every single US cell provider had a better data plan, but we didn’t think we’d need it.”

With over 50,000 Olympic volunteers from all over the world in Rio, the last thing you expect them not to have is working phone service. Especially after paying to it. For Allison Churchill and a host of other US Olympic volunteers, whom happen to be AT&T customers, that’s exactly what they got: subpar service.

AT&T in Rio is a No Go3

After being a loyal customer of the telecommunications giant for 12 years and planning for her international trip to Rio’s 2016 Olympics, Churchill did what any loyal customer would do. She decided to purchase her international phone services through AT&T’s Passport – Brazil Summer, which clearly advertises “lets you share your U.S. Olympic Team pride with 1GB of roaming data. And you get access to more than 1,000 Wi-Fi Hot Spots in Brazil.”

AT&T in Rio is a No Go2

Unknowing to her and other US Olympics volunteers/ AT&T customers, the advertised hot spots did not work. Leaving them to find other alternatives to communicate with their loved ones countries away.

AT&T in Rio is a No Go

Considering that AT&T is a part of our constant customer service violator list, this is yet another additional strike against them among the many. For their customers’ sake, we hope AT&T takes this as a lesson learn and will do better.

As always be smart, be savvy, and be well equip.

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