Car Salesman: Are they really on your side?

Car Salesman Are they really on your side

By: Customer’s Poet

According to Mental, in a recent Gallup poll, car salespeople were ranked as some of the least honest, least ethical professionals in America, just above members of Congress (who came in last). With such negative connotations surrounding their job title, Secret Eyes set out to find if car salesmen really do have the customer’s best interest in mind. Understanding that not all car salesmen are bad, Secret Eyes put together a few questions you should ask yourself the next time you go car shopping.

Are they eager to help or eager to sell?

The trick to knowing if a salesman is eager to help or sell you is simple. If you state your problem and they offer you various solutions, then they’re eager to help.

Yet, if your salesman offers you one solution that doesn’t fully meet your needs and/or are persistent on convincing you to make a purchase, then they’re eager to sell. Should you encounter this RUN!

Do they fully understand my needs & wants?

As humans we all make mistakes. Especially when it comes to misinterpreting others.  When it comes to car salesmen, the best way to know if they have fully understood your needs/wants is during the vehicle walk around.

It’s during this time that they point out and stress everything on your check list. If the salesman doesn’t offer you the right product that meets your needs, find a new one who does.

Are they being authentic?

Best spoken by anyone with some sense of street knowledge Real recognizes real. This is true when of every aspect of life but especially when it comes to sales. Our nervous systems don’t lie. If what a car salesman says doesn’t align with their tone of voice, body language, or facial expressions; it’s probably not true. This is an easy Red Flag.

To test their authenticity ask the same question multiple times in different ways. If you get the same answer every time, then they are likely telling you the truth. If not, there is no need to continue doing business with them.

Understanding your power as a customer and asking yourself these questions before purchasing a new car will help you to keep your ultimate goal in mind of getting the right car to meet your needs. Not buying the car the salesman wants you to buy.

As always be smart, be savvy, and be well equip.

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