Stop complaining, Get Results: 5 Ways to Get the Solution You Want

Stop complaining Get Results 5 Ways to Get the Solution You Want

By: Customer’s Poet

“They were more interested in conversing than helping me”

Words spoken by an unhappy customer regarding an American office supply retailer. Yet, after having a consumer specialist reach out to the location in question, Secret Eyes realized the customer failed to do the one thing that could have led to an instant solution.

Request to speak with a manager

In the example above the customer was clearly upset but not angry enough to reach out to the manager on duty or take their complaint to the next level. They only took to social media to vent.

Speaking to the manager on duty or contacting the manager immediately after an issue has taken place could instantly resolve your claim. Sometimes in as quick as a few minutes. Instead of wasting time with the rep or only griping out your experience online, request to speak with the person in charge. If that person is unreasonable, request to speak to their boss. Companies may operate in a chain of command sequence but there are ways to reach the top dog.

Jot down all details

You never know if your claim may turn into a court case. Recording all details of the incident and communication between you and the company is crucial. Keep the following details on hand:

  • Time and date the incident occurred
  • The cost or damages in cash amounts
  • Names of any you’ve already spoken
  • The topics discussed
  • Record the incident or take photos if possible
  • Keep copies of paper documents

Make a written complaint

After jotting all the details, use them to state your claim. The more details you have, the valid your claim will be. Locate the person at the company who handles complaints by email or address.  This information can be found using the company’s website or various websites.

Create letter stating what occurred and the results you desire. State your expected reply time, contact information, and best times to reach you.

Be Persistent

Companies know that after 2-3 times most customers quit trying. Don’t allow them to win?

Consider setting aside time to follow up. Utilize all platforms to contact the company in question. Rather they’re available via store, phone, email, mail, app, live chart, or social media; exhaust them all the options until a solution has been reached.

Seek professional help

As customers, we can get emotional behind our complaints. Especially if they have not been resolved within a certain time frame. Understanding this, companies maybe more opted to speak with a consumer specialist or company over the customer themselves. For this reason alone, seeking a customer service or consumer advocacy company to aid you with your claim can be beneficial. It could save you time and sometimes the services are free.

Complaining via social media alone is not enough to get the resolution you desire. Consider putting these steps into action to get the results you want today.

As always be smart, be savvy, and be well equip.

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