Southwest Airlines & System Errors: What You Should Know!

Southwest Airlines & System Errors What You Should Know!

Secret Eyes Presents: Customer Affairs

A True Story of One Customer’s Plight to Save the Customers of Tomorrow

By: Customer’s Poet

“There is no way I’m going to be at the hospital for my dad now”

If you were among the thousands of air travelers stranded due to Southwest’s computer glitch like Evening WGXA News Anchor Amyre Makupson, you know firsthand what it feels like to miss important life events due to unforeseen circumstances.

On July 21, Amyre Makupson waited in line with hundreds at Atlanta’s Hartsfield Jackson Airport to get her flight rebooked. A task which took hours considering Southwest only had one agent for working. Unfortunately, her trip did not go as planned.

“I missed my dad’s open heart surgery after being in the airport 15 hours & I can’t fly til Sunday now”

For a company whose vision is “To become the World’s Most Loved, Most Flown, and Most Profitable Airline” costly computer glitches seem to be synonymous with its brand. Aside from this month’s fiasco, here are some other IT issues that have landed Southwest temporarily.

Southwest Service Outage October 2015

Technology issues with bookings on, the Southwest Mobile app, and at reservations centers/airports caused delays in nearly 300 flights; forcing reps to manually process customer reservations. This system error caused major delays throughout the country in Los Angles, New York, Nashville, and Las Vegas.

Southwest Service Outage June 2013

Although a short term snag, lasting only a few hours, this tech issue caused 60 total flight cancellations and delayed about 250 others.  Most of the affected flights were in Minneapolis, Chicago, Phoenix, Denver and San Diego.

We understand that accidents happen but when is Southwest going to learn from its mistakes and invest in a better IT system. Hopefully sooner than later.

Should you fly Southwest weight your options: Is the deal really worth it?

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