How One Company’s Fake Reviews Turn Customers into Victims

How One Company's Fake Reviews Turn Customers into Victims

By: Customer’s Poet

Online shopping.

It’s the epitome of convenience, options, and deals at your fingers tips. Yet, when it comes to saving a few bucks on “the deal of a lifetime” think twice.

According to Kashmir Hill’s article I created a fake business and bought it an amazing online reputation setting up an online shop with reputation is easier than one may think. During her investigation, Hill states she was able purchase reviews for her fake business on Yelp and Facebook; as well as purchase an alarming 19,000 Twitter followers. She even had real customers submitting request for her services. Not bad for an unreal business.

After a week of aiding customers, Secret Eyes quickly discovered how “fake reviews” play a huge role in misleading customers. Prime examples of this are websites called and The websites appear professional and legit having many positive customer reviews. Yet, after taking a closer look, many things were questionable.

According to multiple customer complaints, the website sells faulty and/ or poorly constructed formal gowns. Some customers have claimed the company advertises one dress and sells its customers knock off versions. Usually not even of the same style or color as advertised. Many customers have stated the customer service was “a joke”.

Considering the negative feedback, Secret Eyes decided to do more research and here’s what we found:

IZIDress or IZIDressy lacks a corporate headquarters

After searching the web for hours under the company’s name, nothing popped up that indicated an actual corporate headquarters or customer service hotline. The only finding was Qandy International Limited (which is a private company limited by shares),  2/F Western Commercial Building, No. 31 Des Voeux Road West, Western District, Hong Kong, and one phone number which we had to search for.

When you Google IZIDress or IZIZDressy nothing good pops up

Reputations follow you and when thousands of people say the same thing about you, it must be true. There was not one good review about the company outside of their own web page. Some customers even came together to make an IZIDress Victims Facebook page which is never a good sign.

IZIDress customer service is not existent

Contacting the company at the 1-844-896-8440 number listed on the website proved to be useless. After making multiple calls, Secret Eyes was no closer to getting a solution than before. During the first call, a man answered stating “hello”. He did not use a professional business greeting nor did he mention his name or the site’s name.  After questioning, he stated it was IZI Dress Customer Service. Yet, when we stated who we were and why we we’re calling, he stated “This is technical support, I would not be able to help you here”. Then, he gave us a number to call which was the same number we dialed to reach him.

Writing fake reviews and/or posting fake reviews is illegal. If you or someone you know have been a victim of online fraud contact the US FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center by filling out a complaint at Together we can prevent companies like these from existing.

As always be smart, be savvy, and be well equip.

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