What You Should Know Before Flying Air Canada

Secret Eyes Presents: Customer Affairs

A True Story of One Customer’s Plight to Save the Customers of Tomorrow

What You Should Know Before Flying Air Canada

“These may be trivial items to them, but they are mine and I would like then back.”

If you have ever traveled and accidentally left something behind these words resonate well. For one passenger of Air Canada flight 570 these words acknowledged fear of their bag being “forever lost somewhere”.

On June 27th, Cindi Scott flew on an Air Canada plane headed to Los Angeles. After exiting the plane, she immediately noticed she left her carry-on tucked under her seat. Unfortunately for her, airport security would not allow her to reenter without a pass. Having no other options, Cindi did what any passenger would do: Go to the Air Canada Counter.

Having high hopes that they would be able to quickly retrieve her bag, Cindi was quickly slapped with a rude awakening as her only option was to fill out a claim report and wait. After 2 weeks of no results, Cindi took matters into her own hands. She made multiple phone calls to customer service, emailed the CEO and other company officials, and utilized the company online chat (considering she has a day job).

By week three Cindi’s efforts proved unsuccessful. To add salt to the wound, not only was she spoken to unprofessionally by Air Canada customer service while seeking an update but she was hung up on.

“I know they don’t care, that’s the issue. I feel helpless and beyond sad, I have to try to replace everything, plus I fly to Canada every month and this hurts me as I have to try to not fly them anymore.  It’s just been a terrible experience all together.”

Seeking resolution for Cindi’s ordeal, Secret Eyes assigned reps to handle the case. A few calls and research later, this is what our reps discovered:

Air Canada Reps seem to be unhappy and lacked enthusiasm for their jobs

After calling multiple customer service lines, our reps spoke with a rep named Asal who used the “First of all…Second of all” approach to guide us in the right direction. Taking Asal’s advice, our reps spoke with Neel in claims whom had a foreign accent, lack of enthusiasm, and seemed by the book. He offered nothing more than “I have no updates at the moment”.

Air Canada has an F Customer Satisfaction Index Rating

According to Gripevine.com, Air Canada had a total of 180 gripes with only 10 being completely resolved. With the latest gripe occurring a month ago.

Air Canada Corporate was a Dead End

After contacting the Benjamin Smith office regarding Cindi’s claim, our reps received a return call from Richard whom stated he was over Air Canada’s Claims Department. According to Richard, due to the nature of the way Cindi’s bag was lost, the company would not be held liable. He even used an example of a bag being stolen off of a bus by a passenger. To protect himself, he also called from a blocked number.

In the end, Air Canada lost a loyal customer in Cindi for the price of refusing to call the gate and not attempting to retrieve her sentimental bag before it was lost for good.

If you’re thinking of flying Air Canada, be sure to check in your baggage to hold them liable should it come up missing and hold your carry-on bags close.

As always be smart, be savvy, and be well equip.


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