3 Ways to Keep Customer Service Professional

3 Ways to Keep Customer Service Professional

By: Customer’s Poet

Ever went somewhere and had a complete stranger offer you advice?

For parents of young children, this happens more than not. But what if a company rep decides to add their 2 cents. How would you react?

In a recent customer case, Secret Eyes helped a young mother who’ve experienced just that. According to the customer, she took her young son into a women’s gas station restroom after a long road trip.

Unknowing to her, the gas station cashier didn’t like it and had some choice words. Including arguing her opinion, telling the young mother to allow her son to use the restroom alone, and kicking the mother out when she disagreed.

With the recent news of Law & Order director Jason “Jace” Alexander pleading guilty to child pornography and similar cases circulating in the news, there’s no wonder the mom did what she did.

Considering this here are some tips for keeping customer service professional:

You are not a detective.

When conversing with customers, keep the communication clear and concise. Don’t ask customers deep personal questions unless it has to do when verifying information.

Keep opinions to self.

No one wants to be given unwanted advice. Before dishing your 2 cents on a situation, be sure to have all the facts.

Solutions and more solutions.

More than anything, customers want solutions. Focus your customer service efforts on offering solutions and resolving customer issues.

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