3 Tips to Creating Customer Happy Experiences

3 Tips to Creating Customer Happy Experiences

By: Customer’s Poet

As better stated by an angry customer the phrase “I pay you not the other way around” simply means I pay you to work for me not for me to work for you – Do your job. Yet, this simple piece of constructive criticism fails to get acknowledged by many companies.

With so many channels of communication, there’s no excuse for a company not to create a happy customer experience. Here are 3 ways how…

Offer Immediate Solutions

Bottom line angry customers want solutions. Nothing more and nothing less. According to NICE-BCG survey, 51% of customers ages 18-65, stated if their issues are immediately resolved their more likely to be happy and recommend the company to others.

Limit the Customer’s Effort

Rebounding an angry customer into a happy one works best through simplification. According to NICE-BCG survey, 49% of customers stated they’re happy when a rep knows their issue(s) and offers an immediate solution. While 42% of customers love it when reps know what they have previously done through other channels. Again limiting the customer’s effort.

When it comes to explanations, no one likes repeating themselves more than once. According to NICE-BCG survey, 32% of customers stated they will discontinue business with a company if they have to repeat themselves multiple times and/or be transferred to multiple reps. It’s never good when money walks out the door.

Proactive with Routine Needs

Finally the most obvious tip – Be there when customers call and be eager to help them. There’s nothing worse than calling a company during business hours and having the phone go unanswered. Customers want to know they can trust companies to deliver what they paid for. Anything else above that is considered great.

Creating happy customer experiences can be simple if companies focus on 1) offering immediate solutions, 2) easing the customer’s effort in reporting unresolved issues, and 3) being there to help when a customer calls. By following these simple steps any company can rebound any angry customer into instant word of mouth ad. Can you say ching ching!


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