Top 3 Ways Your Customer Service Sucks

Top 3 Ways Your Customer Service Sucks

By: Customers Poet

Originated: May 27, 2016

Alright, alright. I will admit that many customers do complain just to complain- the spoiled syndrome. Yet, these are 3 certified ways to know your company’s customer service sucks. By the way, when I say sucks I mean utterly the most horrible thing I’ve experienced sucks not they forgot to put cheese on my burger sucks.

Your company’s digital shadow is full of complaints.

Many people have heard of this term before, digital shadow, but for some this term is still unknown. According to Author Erik Qualman, a digital shadow is what people, aka customers, post about you. When it comes to your business this is the most important information out there. Yet, if your company has more complaints than people stuck in 5 o’clock rush hour traffic than it’s time to consider a change.

Customers dread calling or going into your stores for customer service.

Anytime I hear someone saying “forget customer service, I’ll just figure it out myself” I partly sympathize with them. It’s sad when paying customers avoid customer service like a plague. Yet, it’s even sadder when companies continue to operate their businesses completely unaware that this is occurring right under their noses.

Customers use your company/ brand name in reference to a bad customer experience.

Now this last one takes the cake. Anytime a customer uses your company as a reference point to explain their negative customer service experience with another company, you’ve got a real problem on your hands. I often hear people using the companies in our Constant Customer Service Violator List as references, which should not be a goal of any company.

All and all, if your company is experiencing any one of these characteristics please organize a plan of action to revamp your companies Good Name.

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