The Customer Service 411: Easter Spring Break Edition!


By: Customers Poet

Originated: March 27, 2016

Its Easter everyone!

With that being said everyone is traveling and no industries are hit harder during this Spring Break season than the travel and retail industries. When it comes to travel, Secret Eyes has the top rankings for this week’s Best & Worst companies.

Starting the season off roughly is American Airlines holding the #1 spot for the Worst Airline this week. We’re not sure if there something in the water but customers everywhere were disgruntled about their American Airlines travel experiences.

American is quickly followed by runner up United Airlines as customers could not believe the poor service they received. When it comes to rental car companies, Europcar takes the cake as allegedly being a “scam” rental car company (customer’s words).

On a lighter note, the Best out of the airlines this week goes to Southwest for having the most happy customer tweets posted (even though there were some unhappy ones). When it comes to the Best in the rental car world, Alamo exceeded both Enterprise and Avis to take the prize.

In the retail world, competition was fierce but a few competitors missed the customer service mark by a long shot. Coming in as the Worst in retail goes to The Foot Locker brand. Seems like every customer had an issue with their customer service. Rather it was Kids, Women’s, or the original Foot Locker store, they weren’t too happy.

Maintaining the human touch customer service so desires and winning this week’s Best goes to DSW (not to discredit Birch Box or Zappos who practice this same art). Their use of thank you notes with customer purchases are ingenious. Nice to see a touch of old school hospitality coming back.

On a special note, Secret Eyes wanted to shout out a few retailers that decided to temporarily close their doors, allowing employees the holiday off to enjoy with family & friends.

Thank you.

These companies include:
Chick-fil-a (of course)
Best Buy
Michael’s Crafts
Jo-Anne’s Fabrics
TJ Maxx
Malls across the globe


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