Homophobia & Customer Service

Homophobia & Customer ServiceBy: Customers Poet

Originated: May 7, 2016

Over the past few months there have been multiple cases of homophobia in customer service. Starting with the most controversial case where an openly gay Austin Texas pastor accused Whole Foods of writing a gay hate slur on his cake. Sadly for the pastor, his alleged case was quickly considered fraudulent after Whole Foods dug a little deeper, causing the tables to quickly turn in their favor.

Recently in New Orleans, a woman claimed a Family Dollar clerk would not service her because she was gay. According to the woman, she was a regular at that particular Family Dollar location. Yet, the clerk claimed the woman was an irate customer.

In both instances the LBGT community came together to support both individuals, even though critics claim the victims in question were opportunists seeking attention. Considering the homophobia in today’s society and the LGBT’s ability to quickly identify cases of gay discrimination, Secret Eyes wants to know have the claims of gay discrimination gone too far or are they real cases of gay discrimination?

You tell us.


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