Dear Customers: Don’t Get Mad, Get Even

Customers Dont Get Mad Get Even

By: Customers Poet

Originated: April 9, 2016

Revenge. A natural human inclination to seek justice for a wrong doing to ourselves or loved ones. Yet, in the world of customer service, this word takes on a new meaning.

We can all relate to calling a company for assistance only to be connected to a customer service rep who could care less about us or their job. Like most, we go from zero to 100 in an angry wrath against the company when we could have done this one thing. Simply hung up.

Surprisingly many customers choose to tolerate unprofessional customer service reps when they could simply disconnect and recall call to get a better, more caring rep. Why is this?

Do most people allow their emotions to run them?


Do customers want to blame companies for every product/ service issue they experience?


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