Customers: Trapped but Won’t get out!

Customers Trapped but Won’t get out!By: Customers Poet

Originated: March 5, 2016

At least once in our lives, we’ve experienced poor customer service or an unsatisfactory customer experience. Such as multiple transfers, unexpected bill increases, or even loss of service. Yet, as Secret Eyes ciphered through the numerous customer complaints and praises one thing stuck out.

Customers falling for the traps set by companies.

Starting out as angry customers ready and willing to give the company a piece of their minds and/or even cut ties. Only to succumb to the company trap aka “An offer they couldn’t refuse”.

Instead of cutting their services, many buy into a higher priced package or longer term contract. Companies everywhere know this and use this as a secret weapon. While many customers seem to be oblivious to the practice.

Have you fallen for the trap?

Secret Eyes wonders do people really want better customer service or are they willing to tolerate poor customer service to maintain the services a company offers for a lower cost?

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