Customer Tolerance: Is it 3 Strikes You’re Out?

Customer Tolerance Is it 3 Strikes You’re Out

By: Customers Poet

Originated: May 21, 2016

Boiling points.

A commonality among all humans. It’s the point of no return. The point which exposes our true selves and true emotions. The point where one decides to defeat or be defeated. But what triggers this?

For some of us, we can be easily set off if we perceive something as unacceptable. For others, it’s a gradual build up or it simply may not phase us.

Think back to the early 2000s when MTV launched its show Boiling Points which created hostile customer service environments and captured the candid responses. The show took the virtue of patience to a whole new level by rewarding customers based on their level of patience at the end of a prank. The payment was based on the amount of time a customer endured the annoyance.

Considering this Secret Eyes received a complaint from a customer regarding their improper experience with a globally famous fast food chain. According to the customer, they went through the drive thru line twice and their request still was not aided. This made Secret Eyes wonder how many times should a customer give a company to make things right?

Should the baseball rule three strikes you’re out be applied? Or should customers have patience and continue to tolerate the mistakes of companies until things get properly fixed?

Share your thoughts.


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