Celebrities & Customer Service

Celebrities & Customer ServiceBy: Customers Poet

Originated: April 23, 2016

With the recent deaths of musical icon Prince, wrestling icon Chyna, and comedic writer Michelle McNamara, Secret Eyes wanted to shed light on celebrities in regard to customer service.

Everyone knows when it comes to “celebrity status” people (including companies) jump through hoops to please their elite clientele. Offering free products, services, and sometimes even vacations. Yet, Secret Eyes wants to know if this customer service is a genuine act or simply a poly for free publicity.

In the past there have been examples of poor customer service when it comes to celebrities. Especially when it comes to airlines. Consider actress & comedian Mo’nique’s call to boycott United Airlines over allegations of racism or actress Amanda Seyfried’s claim that American Airlines mistreated their celebrity clientele.
In contrast, there have been many instances where celebrities have been placed before loyal, paying customers. Consider Anderson Cooper’s debacle this past December, when he tweeted out how he was stuck in Denver airport awaiting a flight, and needed to be in New York the next day. Luckily for him, the airline allowed him to be seated on the next available flight.

Understanding that celebrity status equates to an elevated platform, Secret Eyes wants to know what you think.

Do you feel celebrities are unequally advantaged or not?

Let us know what you think.


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